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Nelson Mandela

No description

Sasha Verjee

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela
President Nelson Mandela
-Nelson was born in 1918 in Transkei, South Africa.
-His father died when he was 9 years old.
-Nelson lived with his uncle and moved to Johannesburg.
-At the time, South Africa was ruled by the Boers.
-Apartheid was when white colonists took over South Africa and thought nonwhites were inferior and that nonwhites couldn't do anything like they could.
-Nelson studied law, to earn his B.A. and law degree.
-He became friends with Oliver Tambo.
-Oliver and Nelson thought that they should make a political party so that they could stop Apartheid.
-They created the ANC (African National Congress).
-Nelson Mandela was sent to Robben Island in Capetown, South Africa, for 18 years.
-He then went to Pollsmoor prison for 9 years.
-After almost 3 decades in prison, Nelson Mandela was freed, in 1990, by president F.W. de Clerk.
Robben Island and Pollsmoor
-In 1994, Apartheid was finally over.
-Nelson Mandela became first nonwhite president of South Africa.
"No one is born hating another person because of their color skin, or their background or their religion. People must learn to hate and if they learn to hate, they can be taught to love for love comes more naturally to the heart than its opposite" - Nelson Mandela
-Nonwhites couldn't have a nice life or have a
good job.
-They had different buses, shops, everything...
-They had to carry a passport which shows everything about them and if they forgot it, they would go to jail.
-Every nonwhite thought it wasn't fair and wanted
to do something about it.
-Nelson was trying to do nonviolent protests.
-The ANC and him declared a "state of emergency" to protect all nonwhites, but they ended up with 5 years of trial.
-During that time, the ANC gathered a peaceful protest with a lot of nonwhite people.
-The police shot a lot of the protesters and threw them in jail.
-Nelson and the ANC leaders went to jail for plotting to overthrow the government.
-They were sentenced for life.
by Sasha Verjee
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