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A Walk In The Woods

No description

Johanna Ouk

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of A Walk In The Woods

Characters to be Analyzed
Bill Bryson
Stephen Katz
Why Hike the Trail?
Stephen Katz is Bryson's old high school acquaintance. Katz is obese, lazy, incompetent, hates nature and gives up fairly easily. He was also an alcoholic who thought that he could use the hike to eventually help him get clean. So, he joined Bryson in his goal.
Katz also stepped onto the Trail as one man and stepped off as another.
Bryson wanted to rediscover America
A challenge for the both of them
By: Bill Bryson
Presenters: Ebtisam Bibi, Erica Cruz, Yennie Chu
A Walk In The Woods
Central theme: Perseverance
Theme is expressed through challenges that challenged their mental strength and their health
Started off as physical dilemmas which soon led to the two questioning whether to continue the hike or not
The longer the two continued on through their hike, the more they changed—physically,mentally, and personality-wise.
Bill Bryson: the author, main character, and narrator of the story
Stephen Katz: Bryson's old friend who accompanies him on his hike through the Appalachian Trail
Bryson was middle aged, inexperienced in hiking, and out of shape. In addition, his only company on the hike—his high school acquaintance, Stephen Katz—had no hiking experience, a seizure disorder, and was morbidly obese. So, under these circumstances, why would the two take on the challenge of hiking the Appalachian Trail together?
Any Questions?
Scene 1
Scene 2
Bryson was an impatient, reserved, determined yet unprepared and unfit middle aged man who established a grand goal of hiking the Appalachian Trail with full determination along with one companion.
What Does this Scene Show About the Two Individually?
A Quote about the "old" Bill Bryson
A Quote about the "old" Stephen Katz
Bill Bryson
Stephen Katz (Matt Angerer)
Exemplifies Katz's impatience and his nature of giving up quickly
Shows how Bryson is Katz's opposite and how disgusted he gets with how easily Katz gives up
Depicts how Bryson wished to continue the hike nonetheless
Lets readers see how the two bring out the worst in each other
What Does this Scene Reveal About their Characters Together?
Yennie Chu as Bill Bryson
Ebtisam Bibi as Stephen Katz
Erica Cruz as Mary Ellen
Bill Bryson Before the Hike vs. Bill Bryson After the Hike
Stephen Katz Before the Hike vs. Stephen Katz After the Hike
An Analysis on How Two Characters Changed Throughout the Work
The two main characters of the book, Bill Bryson and Stephen Katz experienced drastic changes in their characters throughout the work.
The characters don't agree on many things
Bryson is a lot less social than Katz is
Katz wanted to wait for Mary Ellen, showing his social side, while Bryson decided it was better to leave her behind, showing that he dislikes company
Bryson is more focused on the task at hand—hiking the trail—than Katz is
Throughout this project, we accomplished that:
Bill Bryson wanted to challenge himself by hiking the Appalachian Trail.
Despite the fact that Bryson and Katz did not have any experience with hiking and hated nature, they hiked through 39.5% of it
Achieved a few bigger, more important things.
To Sum it All Up:
Shows Bryson's unpreparedness and how fearful he was about his future encounters on the AT.
Shows how, from the beginning, Bryson felt uneasy about the hike
A Quote about the "new" Bill Bryson
“But I got a great deal else from the experience. I learned to pitch a tent and sleep beneath the stars. For a brief, proud period I was
slender and fit
. I gained a
profound respect for the wilderness and nature and the benign dark power of woods.
now, in a way I never did before, the
colossal scale of the world
. I found
patience and fortitude
that I didn't know I had. I
discovered an America
that millions of people scarcely know exists. I made a friend.
I came home
“This wouldn't be so bad, I told myself. But secretly,
I knew that I was quite wrong
Showcases a change in Bryson's physical character
Depicts his new found appreciation for nature
Displays Bryson's new take on the world
Demonstrates Bryson's change in emotional character
Exhibits the fact that Bryson, even though he did not complete the trail, accomplished his goal of rediscovering America
However, Bryson went into the trail as one man and came out as another.
A Quote about the "new" Stephen Katz
Would always have to eat a
donut every half hour, claiming that he would pass out if he didn't have one.
Would be completely
lost if Bryson was not there to help him.
Frequently complained and whined to Bryson, asking when they would get there.
Always out of breath and had to stop frequently during the hike.
Hated the woods
Katz reformed and made better his eating habits
Knew the area just as well as
Bryson did due to his understanding
of the terrain
He stopped getting lost.
Lost a lot of weight due to to the physical difficulty of hiking the AT
Improved physically—stopped having to catch up with Bryson and stopped being out of breath
Came to love and understand the
woods instead of despising it.
Bryson wanted to hike the Appalachian trial to challenge himself and everything was done for enjoyment.
Bill did not have any experience with hiking
No affection toward nature
Very impatient
Overweight and unfit

"Occasionally, he would exclaim over a view or regard with admiration some passing marvel of nature, but mostly to him hiking was a
pointless slog
distantly spaced comfort zones.
Shows how much Katz despised nature and hiking in itself
Depicts Katz's laziness
Couldn't see beauty in nature except for the "views"
Couldn't see a point in their hike
Gained experience in hiking
Accomplished most of his goal
Developed an appreciation for nature
Learned the importance of nature and valued it
Lost a lot of weight
Became tolerant
Bryson and Katz, former haters of nature, grew through the experience of hiking the AT in many ways
Katz dropped his old drinking habits and lost a lot weight
Bryson changed from an impatient, unfit, overweight, nature-hating man to a patient, more fit, slimmer man with an appreciation of nature
Katz changed from an overweight, alcoholic, lazy, nature-hating man to a slightly slimmer, former alcoholic also with a new found appreciation for nature.
You want to get a Coke
?" I said to Katz. There was a machine by the gas station door.

for a moment. "
," he said. "Maybe later."
Shows Katz's change in eating habits
By declining the coke, he puts his health first
He learned to live without junk food
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