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Buist Stress

sweating the small stuff and avioding what matters

stephan gombis

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Buist Stress

Sweating the Small Stuff and Avoiding What Matters:
The Mind and Body
When Stress becomes "Boss"
Reducing the negative impact of stress on your life
How stress can turn us against ourselves, our family, and co-workers
What is Stress?
The Awesome Transition Slide

"What Matters"
"The Small Stuff"

"4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse"
What kids need to THRIVE


Clarity in limits/boundaries


Agape/Sacrificial Love
Biggest Takeaways?
So What's Next?
Let's Get Started
Biggest takeaways?
1) What stress is

2) How stress impacts: You, your family and the workplace

3) What baboons can teach us about stress management
By the end of the this presentation you will learn:
1) Stress can be from a real or perceived threat

2) Stress is about perception and focus

3) Stress is about surviving the present moment

The Stress Response: An analogy
Physiology of Stress
The Four Natural Reactions to Stress
Telomeres: Why Presidents Look So Old
What Stress Reactions Look like in Intimate Relationships
1. "Me vs. You" mode makes our loved ones look like enemies
The Awesome Transition Slide

1-How Stress Impacts You
2) How Stress Impacts Your Family:
3) How Stress Impacts The Workplace
Our Awesome Transition Slide
4) What Baboons can Teach Us about Stress Management:
Our Awesome Transition Slide
Me vs. You Mode
1. No Information
2. No Intelligence
3. No Integrity
The Three "I's"

...my parents didn't manage their stress well
...you don't know how difficult my kid ACTUALLY is!
Don't Worry!
Be Happy!
Spouses, Parents, and Kids
1. Does "Me vs. You" mode = thriving atmosphere?

Questions for Parents to Consider
3. How does stress get passed to your kids?
Dan Zomerlei, MDiv, LLMFT
Stephan Gombis, LCPC
"Me Vs. You" Mode effects everyone–especially the most vulnerable
A Stress Test
What are the most common
stressors at work?
Stress and Leadership
Not all stress is bad stress
1. Our body's stress response is natural, and serves a valuable purpose

2. Our health suffers when the stress "switch" stays on too long

3. Our four natural reactions to stress are FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE and/or CARETAKE
2. Who is most vulnerable?
2. Stress gets passed on to the most vulnerable person in the family
3. Stress impacts a parents ability to provide a thriving atmosphere for their kids
The Impact
of Stress
"Me vs. You" in the Workplace
3. Great leaders are mindful of how their stress impacts others.
Drowning in Stress
The Stress Hot Potato
Gossip or Complaining to someone else
1. Too much stress lowers productivity, performance, and
2. "Me vs. You" at work undermines teamwork.
Stress erodes a good foundation
Learn from the baboons
The Road to Destruction: "Me vs. You" Mode
If Baboons can do it, so can you!
Calm, Connected, and Clear:
Healthy People
Healthy Cultures
"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go in a group. "
-African proverb
Best Practices
What are things YOU do to help stay calm when feeling stressed?
Best Practices
What are the most effective ways you stay connected to others?
Best Practices
What helps you see the bigger picture in what you do?
Honey Bees can warm up their hives to 93 F even during a Polar Vortex
Team Work and the Big Picture
The best way to "Stop sweating the small stuff" and to embrace "what matters" is to remain
"A cord of three is not easily broken."
- Ecclesiastes 4:12
Sweating The Small Stuff Action Group
Join us on Facebook
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go in a group." - African Proverb
Is it Secure?
-Yes! This is a private forum
-Only participating Buist employees and spouses can see the posts
Two week Action course
Short daily assignments: Designed to improve the calm, connectedness and clarity of your culture
Step-by-step instructions to implement assignments
Examples... lots of examples (:
Daily feedback from Dan, Stephan and your community members
Articles to motivate action
Lower stress
More purposeful living
Greater connectedness
Sweating less small stuff
Embracing what matters
More focus
A healthier culture
A healthier you
How do I sign-up for the action group?
Lead by Example
Thank you for your time today!
Our Awesome Transition Slide
The Details:
1-Put your name and email on sign-up sheet
2-Within 24 hrs you will receive a FB invite to the group "Sweating the Small Stuff Action Group"
How do I log into the action group?
What if I'm having trouble, how do I contact you?
Dan Zomerlei
P. 616-953-0721
E. mft@danzomerlei.com
Stephan Gombis
P. 708-528-7025
E. stephan@sproutfamilyclinics.com
When does it start/end?
Monday March 24 - Friday April 4
1-Sign into FB
2-In search bar at top of screen type in: Sweating The Small Stuff Action Group
Full transcript