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Yerba Mate Vitality

No description

nicolas jovanovich

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Yerba Mate Vitality

Yerba Mate
Discovered by the Guarani aborigine tribe, Yerba Mate has been consumed and revered for centuries in South America.
Las Marias, with almost ten thousand acres cultivated inside the heard of the rainforest, form more than 100 years; has become the only company in the world to produce mate in large scale and in an integrated fashion.
The Origins
Growth & Production
Las Marias
A combination of Tradition and Avantgarde Trends of craftsmanship & Modernity
Powerful Antioxidant
Natural Energy
How to Prepare
A South American

Introducing a
millenary new Product:

Yerba Mate is an herbal green Tea that only grows in the subtropical rain forest climate or Argentina, Paraguay & southern Brazil.
Others countries like South Africa & New Zealand tried to grow this tree with poor results, due to the special conditions yerba mate needs: Red Soil, humidity and...
...the Guarani Aquifer, the world's largest source of fresh water.
Yerba Mate is brewed from the dried leaves of the perennial tree: Ilex Paraguarensis.
Caá means yerba in Guarani, but it also means plant and jungle.
For them yerba mate was what today we know as nutraceutical food.
For Guarani aborigins, this tree is per excellence, a gift of the Gods. Drinking the sap from its leaves was to them like drinking the forest itself.
A good example of this, is that
in Argentina only tap water outranges yerba mate in
the share stomach
Cultivated, yerba mate, like fruit trees in the European Union, are limited to 5 mts.
in height
Growing wild, yerba mate would be 30 meters high.
It is harvested between April & October. Leaves & branches are processed in a natural way, respecting the Guarani method improved by the Jesuits.
Thus managing to become an expert in each stage of the process, from the moment the product is born until it has been packed. A place where its timings, care and processing are respected as it is nowhere else.
Ensuring superior quality from the very start
After 6 months, the young plants are transplanted in the fields.
The tender, loving care each one
receives causes them
to grow with all the
best qualities of
yerba mate
Tradition & technology converge in the yerba mate harvest.
Leaves are picked only when they are mature. at exactly the right moment, to ensure the highest quality yerba mate.
Leaves are direclty exposed to heat from fire, this slows processes of fermentation
& oxidation.
Once dried, they are crushed, the result is called "toasted yerba mate"
The flavor, color & aroma distinctive to each variety of yerba mate are obtained through the
aging process
After 9 months the yerba mate is treated according to its type, the way it was harvested & the time of year it was processed.
Our taste-testers ensure the perfect balance and long-tasting flavor for each recipe.
The process end when final product is package preserving all the qualities of fine
yerba mate.
Las Marias has made the environmental care a key aspect of
every day work.
Las Marias provides: Housing, Health, Sports, & Education, creating a singular community...
Stimulant of green tea
Stimulant of Coffee
Stimulant in chocolate
A standard serving of yerba mate has about
27 mg of caffeine,
that offer a balanced buzz,
not producing jitter effect.
Yerba Mate sources
Natural Energy
from 3 different xanthenes alkaloids...
...is not just another invigorating brew.
It is regarded as one of the nature best
Source of antioxidants
With even more polyphenols than green tea.

A significant source of vitamins A, B, C, E,
plus 9 minerals and
50 amino acids.
Loaded with
Vitamins & Minerals.
nutraceutical properties
...introducing in the market the first top brand in South America
How to prepare
Argentinian Way
1050 km from Buenos Aires
350 km from Iguazu falls
Millions of young plants are sprouted, they are selected from the best specimens in the plantations
After the Dryer, for 3hs. they are exposed to a temperature of a

100 Centigrade
Plants parts are mixed in varying proportions, depending on the nature and brand of yerba mate being produced.
The Recipe:
A place where the people who work for this business also live here...
...The community of Las Marias
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