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Who We Are

No description

Arshad Lee

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Who We Are

Who We Are
Peercore IT is a products & services company
Headquartered in Melbourne ,Australia
Recent winner of AIIA Victorian award for e-supply chain
Global language of business (GS1) Alliance member – Bar Code standards
MBA acclaimed management teams who understand local business culture & challenges
Quality Assurance testers certified by Intl Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)
Peercore Customer’s are in diverse industries such as
Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution, Food Manufacturing & Distribution, Wool Manufacturing & Distribution, Plant Hire, Gaming, Visitor & Event Management.
We Consider Our Customers as Our Partners
Our Customers are
Food Manufacturers
Transport and Logistics Companies
Third Party Logistic Companies

We can connect you with our customers for you to enter the Australian market and provide you the best solution to support your target market.

Why partner with Peercore IT
Join us and we will support you to gain exposure into the Australian Market
Complex and interdependent world requires various sectors to come together to effectively respond to development challenges – no one can do it alone
A combination of organizational cultures and competencies lead to innovative approaches and solutions
Diverse access to networks and relationships through various sectors
Why Peercore IT ?

Both business culture & development culture changing – convergence

New global business environment – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), “sustainable business”, etc.

Shared marketing opportunities.

Good Market Exposure

Our Offer
Business Partnership/ Collaboration for market development

- Business Consulting
- Networking and Collaborating

Integrated Software solution

- Enterprise Application
- Mobile Solution
- EDI/ System Integration
Enterprise Software
Enterprise Resource Management

Warehouse Management

Transport and Logistics Management
- Asset tracking and Field information management system

Customer relationship Management

Knowledge Management

Document Management
Mobile capabilities

Sales Force Automation App

- Real time invoicing
- Stock monitoring
- Route planning
- Performance analysing
Mobile capabilities
Order Management System

- Turn order facilities
- Real time invoicing
- Performance analysing

Develop partnerships and programs to support business excellence through innovation, value creation and best practices
Managing external partners
Building relationships with internal stakeholders
Defining and monitoring service levels
Identifying process efficiencies for internal & external services
Managing risk to revenue and cost
Monitoring market intelligence
Effectively and transparently communicating
Building and leading effective teams to manage partner programs
We do this by…
For a Trustful and Reliable Business Partner to Expand your Horizons Contact us on
+61 9319 8100

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