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The Mali Empire

No description

Madison O'Leary

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of The Mali Empire

Deserts and rivers The Mali Empire The Culture & Achievements MALI EMPIRE ECONOMY Important Times The Good vs. Evil Language and Religion by: Madison, Symphony,
Jackson and Kevin Political and Social Structure Political Structure Map of Mali empire GEOGRAPHY OF THE
MALI EMPIRE Sahara desert Niger river c.1230
c.1600 Mandinkan. African Traditional and Islamic. Sources http://www.fcps.edu/KingsParkES/technology/mali/maligeo.htm Sundiata Keita
Soumaoro Kante -The Mali empire was successful and developed quickly because they trade gold, and copper. -They traded with their neighboring counties, and some parts of Europe. -They had a lot of gold because there was three immense gold mines within the borders. -The empire taxed every ounce of gold or copper that entered borders of Mali. -Ancient Mali was ruled by powerful kings.
- King Mansa Musa ruled for approximately 25 years and doubled the size of Mali during that time. He also established Islamic provinces with governors and towns ruled by a mochrif or mayor.
-King Sundiata Keita united many people and built a strong military to protect the trade routes. He also reined for approx. 25 years.
Social Structure -In ancient Mali, the social classes were: Kings, Priests, Storytellers or Griots, Villagers, Slaves. In that order.
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