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The Secret Lion

No description

daniel clute

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of The Secret Lion

Symbolism is using objects in a story to describe deeper meanings. In The Secret Lion, there are several symbols, including the Arroyo, the grinding ball, and the golf course.
The Arroyo
The grinding ball
The golf course
The two boys had, once, gone out to the hills to find the mountains behind them. At around noon, they went over a hill and found heaven. They sat down and had lunch, and lounged in a perfect green field. But their heaven was shattered when two golfers came over and told them to get out. The boys had not known what golf was, and had not known they had stumbled on a golf green.
The Secret Lion, by Alberto Rios is full of symbols and symbolism, telling the tale of two boys that want to keep their childhood through junior high. The Arroyo, the grinding ball, and the golf course all represent pieces of their childhood that they are desperate to keep.
The Secret Lion
The struggle of two boys to keep their childhood.
In the story, there is a mention of how the two boys thought that nature is imperfect and only round things are perfect. One day on the Arroyo, they found a grinding ball. It was round, it was heavy, it was perfect. They couldn't take it home, so they buried and hid this perfect object, but the next day they couldn't find it again.
To the narrator and his friend Sergio, the Arroyo represents their freedom. They go there a lot, when they were younger and now. Everyone said they weren't supposed to go there, so of course the two boys did, being Vikings and finding the grinding ball.
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