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Amy Rogers

on 22 August 2018

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Transcript of Colonization

The English Establish 13 Colonies
In 1585, a group of colonist set sail for Roanoke Island.
Sir Walter Raleigh
In 1584, Queen Elizabeth of England gives Sir Walter Raleigh the right to claim land in North America
After sending two ships to explore territory in the New World, Raleigh decided Roanoke Island would be an ideal spot for the English settlement
Raleigh calls this area Virginia (today it is North Carolina)
The colonists were ill-prepared and had to rely on the Native Americans for food. When the Native Americans realized that the settlers wanted their land, they cut off the colonists' food supply. Those who survived returned to England in 1586.
In 1587, John White returned to Roanoke as governor with more than 100 settlers.
An American Mystery
One of these colonist is
John White
He was a talented artist who painted the people who lived in the region, the villages, and the landscape.
What do YOU think happened to the colonist of Roanoke??
1. The people of Roanoke simply left the settlement. It is said that they have supposedly left Roanoke island and started settling in the Chesapeake Bay.
2.The people of Roanoke decided to leave Roanoke Island to live with the Natives. Crotoan, which was carved on the post, was the name of an island in the area. It was also the name of the group of the kind natives that inhabited it. It is possible that they colonists decided to live with the natives of Croatoan.
3. The colonists were killed by the Native Americans defending their lands.
4. The colonist attempted to return to England but were lost at sea.
5. The rival Spaniards in Florida heard about the English establishing a new colony and killed off the colonist of Roanoke.
On your sticky note, write down the corresponding number of the theory you believe the most, and then wait for further instructions.
The English learned from Raleigh's financial loss at Roanoke that one person could NOT finance a colony. To raise money for another colony, they turned to the
joint-stock company
Because the colonies at Roanoke had failed, Raleigh lost his investment.
Joint-stock company
: a business in which investors pool their wealth in order to split any
and divide any
: A written contract, issued by a government, giving the holder the right to establish a colony.
In 1606, two joint-stock companies--- the Virginia Company of London and the Virginia Company of Plymouth---were granted charters from King James I of England.
In 1607, the Virginia Company of London financed an expedition to Chesapeake Bay.
More than 100 colonists sailed up the James River until they found a place to settle.
They named the first permanent English settlement Jamestown in honor of King James.
Two Early Colonies Fail
In the late 16th century European countries see a need for colonies.
Smith has to return to England due to an injury
The Powhatan stop providing food
Jamestown colonist endure "the starving time"
Jamestown survives and began
growing tobacco
which turns out to be a valuable crop that makes money for investors
John Rolfe marries Pocahontas improving relationship with Powhatan
House of Burgesses
becomes the
first representative assembly
in America
The burgesses helped make laws for the colony
April 1607
Colonist do not find gold or riches and face extreme hardships including hunger and diseases like malaria
Captain John Smith helps colony survive first two years
Smith forces setters to work
Builds a good relationship with Powhatan people who help the setters survive
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