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The Discovery of Planet Luminous By Angelica and Jada

By Angelica Azzarello and Jada Barnes

Elizabeth Harris

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of The Discovery of Planet Luminous By Angelica and Jada

The Discovery of Planet Luminous
By Angelica Azzarello and Jada Barnes
Luminous is 123400000km which is
0.824878050888 AU away from the sun.
This makesthe side that's facing the summer half and the other half the winter half. Luminous is between Venus and the earth this means Luminous's size can fit between the Earth and Venus which 6,971km . That means that Luminous is just bigger than the Earth which is 6,371km .
How Does oxygen exist on your planet?
As well on Earth, Luminous went through photosynthesis which produced sugars, free oxygen and trees from carbon dioxide and water and this creates plants and life.
Can Luminous sustain life?
There is a chance you can get frost bite in the winter because there is only two seasons.
Summer: 35°C-40°C MAX
So there is a chance that a few people could die from the Hypothermia but no one could die from summer time.
What is Luminous's water and food source?
All around the center of the planet is a water stream and because on one side of the planet its winter time the water is half frozen. And the trees have different fruits in them to eat and also veges in the ground. But what has been discovered is a mutation is some of Earths normal fruits. And they are wamagranate, biwi and warrange. But there are no founded pictures of the wamagranate.
And the rest are normal but we are yet to discover mutations in veges. There is also seeds that have been produced in to wheat for bread.
How long do the days go for
on Luminous?
Luminous has 32hrs in a day and because Luminous is on a axis only part of the top of the planet can receive light for 16hrs and that's called day and night. But for this to happen every 16hrs luminous dose a rotational flip so the side in darkness can receive light.
How Big is Luminous's atmosphere
area? Why?
Luminous's atmosphere is about 300 miles (480km) which is thick. Most of the atmosphere is within 10 miles (16km) off the surface and there is no place were it ends but it will get thinner and thinner as time continues until it merges into space.
And because the planet has a magnetic field in the center of it and because it has a magnetosphere it makes swirls of aurora in the atmosphere and that is what makes it appear green. And for it to make the aurora it also has a mesosphere, thermoshere, ionosphere and a exosphere.
How many seasons dose Luminous
Luminous only has two season Winter and Summer but why dose it have this,
This is because on the one side that is in Summer gets more light on the axis and the Winter side not as much because it is not facing the sun as much. And the seasons change every 4 months to Winter to Summer.

Dun Dun Daaaaahhhh!
Dose Luminous have a Magnetic field why?
Luminous's magnetic field is very big and is a bit similar to earths.But unlike earths it is side ways because in the Winter is on one side of the earth and summer is on the other side. And because of this our compass is different.
Why is it called luminous?
This is because Luminous is green and bright because it has auroras all around it and because of it color its called that.
What Are The Geographical Factors Of This Planet?
Since Luminous is similar to Earth, it has many of the same factors. This includes moderate temperatures, reasonable land mas, and is made up of gases and particles that can Support Human Life on the Planet.
The axis tilt affects the 2 seasons because, the sesos are caused by the planets tilt on it's axis. The planet loops around the sun once each year. Summer happens when the hemisphere that is tilted towards the sun. and the winter happens in the hemisphere that is tilted away from the sun.
How Does The Axis Tilt Affect The Seasons?
We made it is habitable we can live here
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