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Black Suday

No description

Gene Monahan

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Black Suday

Dust Bowl
On what was called, "
Black Sunday
" there was a huge dust bowl or dust storm (they are basically the same thing). A
dust storm
is where a drought happens causing the soil to be very dry a lot like dust. Then a huge gust of wind comes causing the dust to turn into storm, and looks like a cloud to close to Earth's surface. "The cloud looked death black," said one person. A dust bowl is like "The nightmare is coming true."
how the people reacted

Being in a dust storm is miserable, unforgettable, scary, depressing, you are scarred for life. You can even feel "rejected." "We thought it was our doom," said one. "The nightmare is becoming LIFE!" said another.

When, Where?
A Picture of Black Sunday
People in Black Sunday
Black Sunday
By: Kylee Cross

New Mexico
Google Images
Was the Black Sunday good or bad for people?
Well we already know how the people felt about Black Sunday But was it good for their health? No.The dust could clog throats and suffocate a person and they would most likely die. "The dust always seemed to make it's way through the tiniest cracks."
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