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The Three Institutions of Government

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Emily Flores Quiroz

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of The Three Institutions of Government

The Story of the Gods of Government The Framers George Washington Alexander Hamilton James Madison John Adams Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson In the beginning, God created men. The Gods, especially Zeus, were afraid of giving states power for fear of having them rebel. The Gods were in disagreement about who should have power;
some wanted the states to have more power, others wanted the
federal governent to have the power. So, the Gods figured that they had to come up with a way in which
power was not just in the hands of one particular individual. when power is shared
between the national and
state governments. To make it easier, the power was distributed amongst Zeus, himself, and his son and daughter. Zeus has the power, but not to the point where it's tyrannical. As the president, he is also the Head
of State & Commander-in-Chief of the
armed forces. The President is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws that are declared by his son, Minos. it consists of the President, the Vice President, which is his wife, Hera & 15 Cabinet-level executive departments, which are 15 of his many kids. The President has the power to approve or disapprove of what his son Mino wants to get done. Article II of the Book of Gods (aka the Constitution) is where the President's power is defined. These Framers were like "The Olympian Gods" of government. They came up with this philosophy of:
FEDERALISM Zeus The Executive Branch Minos The Legislative Branch The Legislative Branch is made up of the House
of Representatives and the Senate, which form
Congress. Minos also has committees that help him get his laws
passed. Ares, who helps Mino, is the only one
that has the power to declare war. Kastor, who was a demigod, was the Speaker
of the House for the House of Representatives,
because he was much closer to the people. Kastor's twin, Polyduekes, was also a demigod, and
he was the one who basically represented the
Senate because he didn't much for the people's issues. Congress was split into two meaning the power
was between Zeus' two other sons. Minos must get his laws approves by both
Kastor & Polyduekes before they can actually
be passed onto Zeus. If Zeus "signs" it, then the
bill becomes a law. If Zeus does not "sign" it, then the bill
is killed off. However, it can be overridden
with Kastor and Polyduekes voting in favor. The powers of Congress are all found
in the Book of Gods. aka The Constitution Athena The Judiciary Branch Zeus appoint his daughter, Athena
to the Supreme Court; this is possible
because Poluduekes approves. Due to Article III of the Book of Gods,
Mino is the one who determines the shape
and structure of the federal judiciary. The structure of their courts is: Supreme Court
Appellate Courts
District Courts Federal courts enjoy the sole power to
interpret the law, determine the constitutionality of the law, and apply it to individual cases. Athena basically just carries out
the laws that Minos has approved. Since the Gods established this from the very beginning, it's been able to continue all these years and help OUR world not become tyrannical. So we are able to live... "HAPPILY EVER AFTER". The Executive Branch The Legislative Branch ZEUS "I am Lady Liberty" WORKS CITED http://www.whitehouse.gov/our-government/executive-branch




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