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Fossil Fuels

No description

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Fossil Fuels

What are fossil fuels used for? State three things.
How It Affects The Environment
Fossil fuels for us is really important. We use fossil fuels for almost everything, when your cooking at home, going somewhere in your car and of course when your using the electricity.
How we use fossil fuels
Did you know?
Your shoes are a product made from oil.
Sunglasses, tires, tennis balls and TVs are all products of oil and gas.
Fossil fuels are made of dead animals and plants.

What are fossil fuels used for?
Fossil fuels are used to fuel cars and airplanes, power electricity plants, and to heat our houses.They are also used to make medicines, cosmetics, plastics, synthetic fabrics, and lubricants.
What are Fossil Fuels Used For?
Facts about Fossil Fuels
Type of fossil fuels
What are Fossil Fuels?
The important fossil fuels are coal, natural gas and oil.
What are fossil fuels?
Some fuels like oil, coal and natural gas were formed over millions of years ago from organic matters (Plankton, plants and other life forms).
Quiz time!
Lets see how much you learned.
Question 1
Burning fossil fuels produce electricity, which is essential for daily life. But, they also produce something called 'Greenhouse Gases',
Burning fossil fuels
Fossil fuels are the largest greenhouse gas producers in the world, making 3/4 of all carbon, methane and other greenhouse gases. Burning coal, petroleum and other fossil fuels at extremely high temperatures is how electricity is produced generally, but also leads to heavy polluting.
How Do They Negatively Affect the Environment?
Fossil fuels come from carbon-based organic materials that are many millions of years old. Using them to generate electricity produces greenhouse gases. Gas is often referred to as a 'cleaner energy source' because it can emit less than half the carbon emissions of coal.
Question 2
What does burning fossil fuels produce?

Question 3
Give me three examples of important fossil fuels.

How does burning fossil fuels affect the environment?
Question 4
What ARE Greenhouse Gases?
I bet all of you know what greenhouses are. They contain the heat and don't let the cold in. Greenhouse Gases are the same. The gases don't go out of the ozone layer, and harm our environment. Work like greenhouses, but they just aren't
Question 6
Where did the fossil fuels
Question 9
Question 5
What do fossil fuels produce?
Question 7
Sunglasses, tires, tennis ball, tv... what are they made off?
What are Greenhouse gases?
Question 8
Question 10
How do Greenhouse gases affect the environment?
Question 11
Was this prezi fun?
What are the most producers of Greenhouse gases?
Are you using fossil fuels right now? How?
Thank you for watching
and listening!
Think. Why can't we live without fossil fuels? Can you think of any way we can replace fossil fuels?
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