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Ali Alatas

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of QES MEOS 2017

Rotary Driven Communication
Dynamic Sequencing
Well Specifications
Transmission Speeds
Dynamic Sequencing for Faster Drilling
Presented by: Nathan Hursh
Date: 08-March-2017
Case Study
QES Directional Drilling advanced motors and Bottom Hole Assemly (BHA) engineering design resulted in significant Rate of Penatration (ROP) increases.
Success in Drilling Rate Increase Results in a Need to Log Faster
Successfully drilled an average of 4,593 ft/day for the entire well targeting the Eagle Ford Shale. Drilling began at a depth of 3,671 ft MD and reached a Total Depth (TD) at 17,750 ft MD.

3.86 days spud to TD

QES Directional Drilling has optimized the MWD tool’s ability to receive commands down-hole. By employing transmit delay extension techniques our ability to successfully mode shift allows for greater transmission speeds.

This same system also reduces the need for additional down-hole restriction and drastically improves our ability communicate at extreme depths.

Intelligent micro processing units allow our tools to autonomously evaluate their environment and base their behavior on that data. This provides us the ability to transmit only the information that is most pertinent.

The overall effect is to markedly increase gamma log resolution and toolface responsiveness, even at rates of penetration well in excess of 500 ft/hr average.

Proprietary improvements to our main and control valve assemblies allow QES to broadcast telemetry and logging data at much greater speeds.

A prime example is that a full, 6-axis, vector survey can pulsed to surface in just 58 seconds.
By taking advantage of the tool’s ability to communicate via changes in rotary RPM many options are now available. We can produce a non qualified continuous inclination while rotating through the curve at +/- 0.3° accuracy.
2x BHA per well
10 deg/100 ft curve
9000 ft lateral
3000 ft/day compared to 4593 ft/day
14,080 ft drilled
4.7 days to 3.1 days
53% decrease in total drilling AFE
Unbound Sequencing
By unbinding the data transmission sequences, survey time can be virtually eliminated. Updated gamma can be interwoven with telemetry data eliminating the need to wait for surveys.

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