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CLIL - Cicle Mig

Food pyramid & healthy habits

Ana Velilla

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of CLIL - Cicle Mig

Maria de Castro
Marina Grau
FOOD PYRAMID Healthy habits

Balanced menus This clil is about... Work on different areas using English
(teach non-linguistic contents using L2)

Teach Science & Maths while introducing
new vocabulary
and grammar patterns what do we pretend? Cicle Mig (4th grade)

State school "Barrufet" in BCN (Sants)

They are used to work with CLIL
and projects (easy implementation) Context Clil general
objectives Sessions


Continuous formative assessment
participation in class
oral interaction
collaborative work
worksheets & activities (portfolio)
Final test Assessment We work on New vocabulary

English grammar patterns

Food pyramid

6 food groups

Making menus

Statistic information (bar/plate graphics) How? RESOURCES:
English teacher support
Food pyramid display
Foods & drinks
Kitchen utensils Science Learn the six groups in the food pyramid

Identify healthy habits

Understand and make recipes

Make healthy balanced menus English language Food and drinks vocabulary

Oral communication

Simple instructions
Peel an apple
Cut the banana

Grammar patterns:
There is/ There are
I usually have .... for breakfast
Is it a...? (fruit / fat / protein)
Yes, it is / No, it isn't
Do you like...?
(Yes, I do / No, I don't) "I usually have ..... for breakfast"
Main objectives:
Classify food into the group they belong to.
Students explain what they usually have for breakfast.

-Task 1: Review task
Practice new vocabulary with flashcards and stick them into the empty display. Students will complete the whole "Food Pyramid" (6 groups of food)

-Task 2: Portfolio task
In groups complete a chart about breakfast habits
"I usually have ..... for breakfast"

-Task 3: Portfolio task
Consider all the answers to make a bar/plate graph
(whole class breakfast habits) "6 groups in the food pyramid"
Main objectives:
Learn new vocabulary (food & drinks)
Know the six groups in the Food Pyramid

Checks student's previous knowledge (dialogic activity)
Introduces the topic.

-Task 1
Memory game: Match food and drink pictures with their proper names

-Task 2: Portfolio task
Stick the fitting flashcards (new vocabulary) into a display. Students have to complete only one food group.
There is / There are "Healthy habits"
Main objectives:
Classify food into the group they belong to.
Identify healthy and unhealthy habits.

-Task 1: Portfolio task
Make a list of healthy and unhealthy habits according to the pictures given by the teacher (doing exercise, smoking, eating vegetables...)

-Task 2: Manual task
Students bring food & drinks from home in order to build a Food Pyramid all together "Making a fruit salad"
Main objectives:
Understanding recipes (comprehensive reading)
Follow simple instructions related to cooking

-Task 1: Portfolio task
Complete a recipe text

-Task 2: Manual task
Students make their own fruit salad "The school menu"
Main objective:
Make a balanced weekly school menu.

-Task: Portfolio task
In groups, students make a weekly school menu which
should include food from the six groups. It must be varied
and healthy.

The pupils’ menus will be uploaded in the school web page.

If possible the suggested menus will be served at the school dinning room. Maths Statistics
collect data & fill charts
build bar/plate graphs "4-Draw: Food pyramid & healthy habits"
Main objectives:
Review food pyramid & food groups
Review healthy habits

-Task 1: Portfolio task
Students test each other on vocabulary writing lists by heart (peer-assessment)

-Task 2: Portfolio task
Students complete 2 activities:

4-draw: Food pyramid and healthy habits.

•Students find vocabulary in a wordsearch, then write & classify the words. CLIL METHODOLOGY:
Mrs.Coyle's C's framework
Communication THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION question-and-answer session Maria de Castro
Marina Grau
Ana Pérez
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