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Harrison McCain

No description

Iqra Choudhry

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Harrison McCain

Education and Job History HOMETOWN AND FAMILY
Harrison McCain was born in Florenceville, New Brunswick. He grew up with his 3 brothers, Andrew, Robert, Wallace, his mother, and his father, who was a seed potato farmer.

Harrison went to Florenceville High School. He graduated from Acadia University. He studied BA economics. His first job was as a sales executive for Irving Oil, a oil and gas company. Competition McCain Foods LTD Harrison McCain McCain Foods Ltd. NAME AND ESTABLISHMENT OF COMPANY Challenges and Success HARDSHIP AND SUCCESS The name of the company is the last name of the company's founders, Harrison McCain, and Wallace McCain. The company was founded in New Brunswick, Canada.
Harrison and his brother began this business because they thought it would be a great idea to start a business of processing potatoes. There weren't many businesses that processed frozen potatoes when they started, so they thought it would be different and will make a great profit. The products and services being sold are a variety of frozen french fries, potato specialties, sweet potatoes, frozen-fresh potatoes, appetizers, pizza, vegetables and desserts. All these products are frozen. There has been a great change in the products. The company began with only processing frozen potato products. and now they have pizza, vegetables and etc. The company did not face and hardship as they were very careful with their products and the people they employed. They kept their customers pleased and happy. The company defines their "SUCCESS" as good people, making good food, doing good things. The company believes that it is because of their good employees that keeps bringing success to the company. They believe that the employees hard work has bought them the success they have.

"A big part of what we mean when we say McCain It's All Good is our people." - McCain Foods.
1. ConAgra Foods, Inc.
2. J.R. Simplot Company
3. Blaine Larsen Farms, Inc.
These companies do still exist and are making a great profit. To go ahead of their competition, McCain foods lowers the prices of it's products and produces it's products in the best condition and quality. Current Company Status MCCAIN FOODS BOARD
There are two presidents and CEO's for McCain foods. Their names are John Doucet and Dirk Van de Put.
McCain foods is a company, not a corporation. The company does not have stock holders, it has share holders.
Harrison McCain was a director, executive and chairman of McCain Foods. He founded the company and played a huge role in the development of the company.
McCain's Harvest SplendourTM Medleys
Cheese and Jalapeno Nuggets
Beer Batter Steak Fries

"We are continually striving to offer new products that meet the desires of our customers and consumers through dedicated innovation efforts and research." - McCain Foods. 0 Community Service CHARITY, ANNUAL EVENTS AND HELP AROUND THE COMMUNITY
McCain foods gives a helping hand to many people around the world. It has a foundation which helps support not-for-profit organizations throughout Canada. There is a Harrison McCain scholarship for students. It donates money and items to the community. McCain foods donated $1-million commitment to help fight hunger. Examples of their charity work are: sponsor of International Year of the Potato tackles hunger, poverty and environmental sustainability, and Feeding the hungry and supporting education in South Africa. McCain Foods hostedThe McCain SuperSpiels and McCain TSN Skins Game. FROM HERE.... TO HERE! References http://www.mccain.com/GoodPeople/board/Pages/default.aspx
Open Minded – He was open minded because he believes that every event and situation is a business opportunity. His company keeps generating ideas and focuses on their goal. For example, McCain Foods produces new products with the goal of the product being healthy and nutritious.
Determined – Harrison McCain was determined because he did not give up on his company. He stayed focused and determined to bring success to his company. He was determined to work hard in school and work hard on his previous jobs so he could accomplish his goal/dream of a company.
Intuitive – Harrison McCain was intuitive because he believed that it was his hard work and his employee’s hard work that brought them success, not luck.
Strong-willed – Harrison McCain was a strong-willed entrepreneur as he took small steps towards accomplishing his goals. Harrison McCain and the other founder of McCain Foods began their company off as a small company in their hometown. They took small steps until they were financially ready to stretch their company throughout the continent, then other countries, and now all around the globe.
Self-motivated – Harrison McCain was self-motivated because he did not need anyone to hold him accountable or force him to be productive and or efficient. Characteristics of Harrison McCain WORTH: $6.5 BILLION!! The success of McCain Foods benefits us because:
We get nutritious food
Food we can afford
Food that is easy and fast to make
Opportunity for Harrison McCain scholarship.
Good jobs
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