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IMC New York

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Transcript of IMC New York

Summary of situation Target Audience Message Strategy IMC Tactics "Great things come in small packages" Contingency plans Budget IMC Campaign Evaluation The Winning Solution New York, New York
IMC Implementation Amita Dixit
Andrew Oliver Gillis
Jee Eun Lee
Juan Luis Martinez
Arun Rajagopalan
Francois Rheault Timeline The Big Idea Common Elements $0 Pin-Point Targeting Criteria
Works for a NYC Advertising Agency
Super-Delegate attendance
High level decision makers
Presenting at Adweek Collaboration between montreal.ad and local chocolatier Other elements The container Collaborations Examples “We want to persuade New York agencies to forge partnerships with AAPQ members. They should do so because Montreal combines creative excellence with great ROI.” Letter
Pecha Kucha Contest Application
Successful Collaboration Message: We love your creativity
Details about their excellent creative campaigns
Working with them in the future Letter Invitations Invitation to seminars -> Increasing attendance to events
Invitation to underground party and exclusive events. Explanation about Pecha Kucha Contest.
Get people to vote for their favourite in the contest Pecha Kucha Contest - Application Success stories Stories about successful collaboration Application Development Development Cost – $500 CAD POP UP Container Chocolate Calendar iPAD Cost of 1 iPad = 519 CAD
Cost of shipping = 45 CAD/piece
Total ipads to be purchased = 26
Total cost: (519+45) * 26 = 14,664 CAD Total Cost Coffee 230 20 Send pre press releases to targeted Mtl and NY media outlets
Have two to three delegates attend the IAB Mixx Expo
Send post press release to same outlets
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