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AT for Students with Executive Function Deficits

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Kelsey Connell

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of AT for Students with Executive Function Deficits

Sources stufff
Assistive Technology for Students with Deficits in Executive Functioning
By: Kayla Anderson & Kelsey Connell

Executive Functioning
According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, "Executive function is a set of mental processes that helps connect past experience with present action. People use it to perform activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and managing time and space" ( What is Executive Function? section, para 1).

Organization Skills
Low Tech: Color coded folders/binders/ book covers
High Tech: I Pad: Corkulous - Bulletin Board, Share ideas, Family can join, organize ideas

Georgia Project for Assistive Technology
Working Memory
Low Tech
Digital Recorder- Record self, teachers, reminders
High Tech
Sticky Notes /Memo to Me- post notes with due dates and timed reminder
http://spellingcity.com, http://studystack.com- online flashcards
Self- Monitoring
Low Tech:
Movement tools/ Fidgets: Disc O Sit, Move-n sit cushions, ball chairs, swings, bikes or rocking chairs small rubber ball, silly putty, small fine motor toys, add-on pencil erasers
High Tech
Noise Canceling headsets
How Does Executive Function Affect Learning?
In school, students with deficits in executive functioning may have trouble:
Making plans
Keeping track of time and finishing work on time
Keeping track of more than one thing at once
Meaningfully including past knowledge in discussions
Evaluating ideas and reflect on our work
Changing their minds and make mid-course corrections while thinking, reading, and writing
Asking for help or seek more information when needed
Engaging in group dynamics
Waiting to speak until we're called on
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Initiation/ Inhibition/Shift
Low Tech:
Schedules (Visual)
High Tech
Timers- http://www.formassembly.com/time-tracker/
Digital Recorder $25- $100 plus
Disc o Sit- $22- $110
Over the Ear > $100
Goals of the Presentation
1. To identify and discuss the main components of Executive Functioning
2. To identify the how executive functioning affects learning
3. To provide at least one High Tech and one Low Tech assistive device that can augment or assist deficits in Executive functioning
4. Of these defined assitive technologies, at least one easy to find/easy to create, inexpensive, device will be identified
Low Tech: Homework Pad - Organized by Subject and Due Date

High Tech : Timeline Builder- Create your own timeline, colors and reminders

National Center for Learning Disabilities
South Carolina Assistive Technology Program
Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative
Georgia Project for Assistive Technology
Main Components of Executive Functioning
Organizational Materials -The ability to impose order on work, play, and storage spaces
Planning - The ability to manage current task demands
Working Memory - The ability to hold information in mind
Self-Monitoring - The ability to monitor one’s own performance and to measure it against the standard of what is needed
Inhibition - The ability to stop one’s own behavior at the appropriate time
Shift - The ability to move freely from one situation to another
Emotional Control - The ability to modulate emotional responses
Initiation - The ability to begin a task or activity and to generate ideas
The South Carolina Assitive Technology Program

AT can help students with deficits in Executive functioning
AT can range from Everyday items to high prices apps.
Many low Tech devices can be made at home, use of craft stores
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