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The Last Olympian


qwerty qerty

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian In this book, Percy Jackson is about to turn 16, when he is told by the oracle that he would make a decision that would decide the falling of Olympus or the falling of Kronos and the Titans. Luke, the son of Hermes is working for Kronos since Luke feels that he had been betrayed by the Olympians and his father. Now Percy and his friends must stop Luke and Kronos' army before its too late. PERCY JACKSON - The son of Poseidon, main character
GROVER UNDERWOOD- Grover is a satyr, best friends of Percy and Annabeth
ANNABETH CHASE- The daughter of Athena, best friends of Grover and Percy
CHIRON- Chiron is a centaur and is Percy's director at Camp Half-Blood
LUKE CASTELLAN- Luke, who is now evil and working for Kronos, has betrayed Percy and the other Half-Blood. The setting takes place in Manhattan, New York, during
the Second Olympic War that Percy has to fight against Kronos and his army. When Percy has to make the decision of the Great Prophecy he decides the fate of Olympus. The reason I read this book was that someone recomened it to me. I first read "The Lightning Thief", which is the first book in the series. Since I liked the first book so much, I decided to read the rest of the series. The Last Olympian is the fifth and last book of the series. This is my favorite book in the entire series. The author of The Last Olympian
is Rick Riordan, who lives in Texas, has two children
and is 45 years old. By: Daniel Afolabi
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