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The Life as a Shepherd

No description

M2K Kids

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The Life as a Shepherd

The Life as a Shepherd
German Shepherds like many different kinds of food. When it comes to food the Shepherds can eat about 3-4 cups of high-quality food a day. Also, the German Shepherds need water everyday.
German Shepherds live inside more than outside. They also like warm and cold places. Their hometown is Germany! Also, the live all over the world.
German Shepherds are more indoor than outdoor pets. The Shepherds live all over Germany too! Also, the Shepherds live all over the world.
The german Shepherds like warm and cold climates. I think it depends on which climate they like because the way they were raised.
The German Shepherds heights will vary. it all depends what gender your dog is. The female genders are about 22-24 inches. That's pretty big for a female! The male gender is about 2-4 inches bigger than the female. So, they're almost the same size.
The female gender of the Shepherd weighs about 51-73 pounds. What a big dog! Now, the male gender weighs 66-88 pounds. Pretty big dogs, right?
Thanks for Watching!!
How they Tend to Act
How the German Shepherd tends to act completely depends on how you, the owner, treats them. If you treat them badly they'll act badly. If you treat them well they'll act well.
life Span
German Shepherds tend to live 10-14 years. The way you treat them depends how long or short they live.
The German Shepherds have a lot of jobs. They include leading the blind, chasing down criminals, and sniffing out bad substances. Also, they include serving in the military, visiting the sick, and herding stock.
I used wiki.answers.com, www.Dog-time.com, and wikipedia.com
By: Mackenzie Polunus
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