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English prezi of "En son país nul n'est prophète"

Find more about this project at this adress : http://fr.ulule.com/en-son-pais/

Pierre C

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of English prezi of "En son país nul n'est prophète"

Pierre Chesneau presents
Professional dancer for the last 6 years, I practice western european folk dances since the age of 11.
Folk dances, or traditional dances look like this (among other things)
Or this ! (among other
5 years of teaching full time
In France
Through numerous dance workshops, group classes, private lessons and the organisation of events, I have been able to develop my professionalism and my career within the folk community.
But comes a time when one has to move out of his comfort zone and so, my deep interest for couple dances brought me to discover argentine tango!
Thus, I have dedicated most of this year to tango and I fell, everyday a little bit more, in love with this dance.
In this video, look for the snooper !
After hearing over and over again about "
" tango, I wanted to see for myself and decided to go to the holy land of tango, Buenos Aires !
Act I : The origins
I discovered there a culture that is authentic, social and historical, but also very dynamic and sensitive to overseas influences .
A question came to me then ...
How can a young european dancer position himself toward such a complex universe, made of turn-rounds and interbreeding ?
How does a dancer that doesn't emerge from this culture find his place, his legitimacy or his rightness in the practice of this dance ?
I realized when I came back that this question, that I call the problematic of positioning, was also a reality for a number of tango community members.
Between France and Argentina, I would like to ask those questions, share this road of mine and carry you in my pockets through the journey of a young dance saltimbanque that discovers tango on both sides of the Atlantic. A story about meeting people, exchanging with those who want to, living moments to their full extent and enjoying abrazos cerrados !
Discussions took place ...
And finally the idea I had in me came up !
Use left and right arrows of your keyboard to navigate !
Make sure to activate full screen mode for a better experience of the prezi and to let it load.
En son país nul n'est prophète
Act II : Concept, budget et proceeding
A video, half way between a documentary and a short movie, around a 4 months trip in Buenos Aires
Through his introspection and his encounters, we will follow the journey of a young professional dancer within the world of argentine tango
This project will be developed around 3 directives, 3 types of sequences :
A succession of first person shots, a little bit like a video diary.
Experience the project from inside!
A set of interviews with professionals of tango (maestros from here and around, event organizers, etc...)
The video testimony of ambiances, energies, moments, differences, to illustrate and reinforce the overall pertinence of the two first types of sequences.
Hit the ground and go meet the right persons !
Immersion and action, a real patchwork of sensations !
Direct objectives
A tool both relevant and modern to promote tango
Tango is a universe of realization, personal, dynamic, social, sensible, but mostly not very well known. The various shapes of the project (short movie, video blog, etc...) will give to this world a real visibility, especially among a younger public that will be able to connect to the personal journey introduced in the project.
To bring elements of reflexion to the tango community
How can one make argentine tango culture his own ? A frequent question for any tango enthusiast. To try to copy argentine style ? To stand out from it completely ? To value the differences ? And what about the positioning of porteños toward those matters ? So many questions I would like to share with anybody that is interested, without actually looking for "THE" answer !
To fulfill a vocation
As you can well imagine, this project is also for me the opportunity to put together the solid bases of a career to be built. At a time when Art and Culture are debate matters instead of being evidences, one looks for creative ways to fulfill his vocation, to nourish and share his passion.
To know more about the project : right arrow !
For you to have a general view on the finances necessary to carry out the project, here are 3 projected budgets matching 3 levels of achievement and professionalism :
Budgets and production
The most well-rounded budget for a professional and accomplished project : 4 months on site of which 3 of shooting/training. Material and editing at pro level.

The middle ground budget for a balanced project but of a lower finish grade : 4 months on site of which 3 of shooting/training. Material and editing are serious but less professional than with the larger budget.

6660 €
Everyday costs
The smaller budget for a project that exists but has to make serious compromises : 3 months on site of which 2 of shooting/training. Material is far from ideal and editing will be amateur (No budget at all for editing !).

4345 €
Editing (0)
Everyday costs
This project has 3 layers, 3 impact levels : the general public, the tango community and a more personnal/professional level.
A financing in 3 steps !
Own funds
Private sponsorship
Public funds
Grant programs
Enough to get the project started. Already 1500€ invested at the moment !
Communication and financing campaign on a platform like Ulule.
Application for "Déclic Jeunes" program, the grant of the vocation foundation, etc...
First time in Buenos Aires
Project creation
Start of the crowfunding campain on Ulule
Departure for B.A !
Applying to the program "Déclic Jeunes" at the
Fondation de France
Back in France
Second step of the selection for the program "Déclics jeunes"
Final decision and prize-giving for the program "Déclics Jeunes"
End of editing
Finalization of the project
Summer 2015
Here is as simple diagram to present the proceeding of the project : developement phase, travel, shooting and editing periods, as well as some key dates concerning the financing of the project and it's due time.
Argentina shooting
France shooting
For a dancer of my generation, video is the most versatile tool available : capable of capturing genuine and intimate moments, to reflect atmospheres truthfully and to emphasize strength of a movement, an instant. It was the perfect support to work with for this project.
Few months went by...
Find below 3 quick edited videos to give you, with a touch of humor, an idea of what I have in mind concerning the type of sequences that I'll use on the project.
To promote, broadcast and develop the funding ideas of the project.

Broadcasting the movie in festivals (of tango or short movie), putting together seminars and dance workshops around our thematic, developing similar projects in other tango community than the french one ?...

So much to do !
This is only the beginning of a journey that needs your help so jump on board !
All right then ! Great ! But what's next ?
We need you !
"En son país nul n'est prophète"
A video project made of dance, encounters, travels and life
The final product will be a film of about 30 to 45 minutes minutes long. All shots, either in subjective view (gopro) or classical third person point of view, will be organized in order to let you enjoy at their best the experience of this journey, my personal evolution, the encounters with collaborators and their points of view on the problematic of the project. You will also be able to capture all the rich atmospheres of tango world and the plausible differences between tango in France and in Buenos Aires.
(By sequence, in order of appearance)
Plan 1 : Photo Marie Garcia Bardon
Plan 5 : Dancers : Koen Dhont, Julie Gonzalez, Minga Devriese
Plan 6 : Dancer : Minga Devriese
Plan 10 : Photo Jean-Thierry Pichon
Plan 14 : Video Que sigua la Milonga
Plan 22 : Photo Jean-Pierre Bataille
Plan 23 : Image Sirions
Plan 27 : Film "Avatar"
Plan 29 : Music Beardyman
Russel Brand
Dalaï Lama
Plan 31 : Music "Walking Def"
Images "Soul Train"
"Brazil Carnival Videos"
"8 Mile"
Gopro promotional video
Jeremiah Warren (fireworks)
Plan 40 : Photo Pierre Chesneau

Realization of the prezi and graphic elements: Pierre Chesneau
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