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BMHS Literary Magazine

No description

Grace Konstantin

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of BMHS Literary Magazine

200 copies
Physical Printing
Business: Total Printing Card
About 12 cents per page
Around 16 pages
Totals at $375
Advertisements around school
8.5x11 Posters around the school and in classrooms

Our Own Website!
BMHS Literary Magazine
Distributed to every English classroom where students can flip through it or take one home if they wish
If students have extra time in their English classroom, they can always pick up a magazine to read
Magazines in classrooms will promote creativity and inspire students to submit some of their own work
The Importance of Creativity
Being able to think outside the box
Modern jobs call for creativity and innovation
Stand out quality
Prompts in school greatly hinder creativity
Outlet for expression and creativity
Presented by:
Grace Konstantin, Kamila Plesz, Maggie Whitney, Kim Rider, and Claire Kostohryz

Writing freely can reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression
Encourages a sense of community as students read their peers' work and support them
Refreshing activity where the only restriction is word count
Looks good on a resumé, especially for aspiring writers
Focusing on benefitting the whole school
To generate money we will get sponsors
Advertise on back pages
Companies able to reach a younger audience
Pricing as follow
$15 Business Card Size
$20 1/6 Page
$25 1/4 Page
$45 1/2 Page
$75 Full Page
How we will afford printing in the future
Thank You!
Any Questions?
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