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South America's Physical Geography


Jason Cognac

on 18 September 2011

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Transcript of South America's Physical Geography

South America's Physical Geography Learning Objectives List and describe the major physical features of South America.

Describe the climates of South America.

List some of the natural resources in South America and explain how they are used. South America has a wide
variety of physical features. Mountains Highlands Plains Rivers Estuaries A partially enclosed body of water where
freshwater mixes with salty seawater Plateaus Desert Dropping more than 3,200 feet, Angel Falls is the world's highest waterfall! Rainforest Expectations for Today's Assignment Work quietly on your own.

Put forth your best effort.

BE SPECIFIC!!!...when you are recording information onto your sheet about each
region's physical features, climate, and natural resources.

- Explain where a physical feature is located.
- Don't just say, "hot and dry climates." - Where is it dry? Where is it hot?
- Don't just list natural resources. If you can, explain how they are used! The Amazon River is
4,000 mi. long and extends through Brazil from the Andes in Peru to the Atlantic Ocean. The Rio de la Plata
is an estuary where the Parana
River drains much of the water from
the central part of S. America The Pampas are wide grassy
plains in central Argentina. The Amazon Basin is giant flat
flood plain. The Brazilian Highlands
is a region of Brazil with
rugged, old, and eroded
mountains. The Andes run through Ecuador,
Peru, Bolivia, & Chile, and they rise to
20,000 ft. at some points. The Strait of Magellan links
the Atlantic & Pacific. Llanos Lake Maracaibo The Orinoco River
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