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Journey Through Time

No description

Anika Reeti

on 5 March 2016

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Transcript of Journey Through Time

Importance of BHM
Black History Month is important because we learn about how the African-Americans did particular events that they accomplished, and try to stop racism from occurring in the future. For example; Martin Luther King Jr was one of the many African-American's and he believed in a world without racism and he raised an awareness to that.
Event Planning & Experience
I think that having class discussions about Black History Month and getting the Social Justice class to come in was a great way to explore each other's mindset about what to do for the assembly.
Also, I learned that trying to combine our ideas together takes time to do, especially in larger amounts of people in one group. The information we had to research for our sections made me more knowledgeable about the history itself.
For the future classes, I advise to plan thoroughly through what each and everyone is doing and let everyone's ideas to get a chance to be out there.

Thoughts About BHM Assemblies
Personally, I think that we could continue with the annual Black History Month assemblies, but it takes a lot more effort and planning to fully make it a memorable and successful assembly. I wasn't here on the day of the Black History Month assembly, but I've heard that things weren't as smooth as we thought it would have been (guest speaker didn't come etc).
I think instead, teachers could individually talk about Black History Month during class and show videos that demonstrate how it used to be for African-Americans.
Skills Learned
The skills that I've learned is probably collaboration with my peers, sharing my ideas and contribute to the activities we did. For example I did the Jeopardy Game that my partner and I suggested we do and we ended up doing it through a creative method (A website we found specifically for Jeopardy creations).
Also I improved on responsibility because of the game we suggested and went through with for Black History Month.
I feel like I learned a lot about Black History Month like learning more about the different African-Americans that contributed to the world. One that comes to mind is Kara Walker who contributed by being a contemporary artist who explores race, sexuality, gender, violence and identity in her work.
I researched this information when I was planning out the Jeopardy game and it was interesting to me because she put in all these aspects into her work,that we talked about during class.
I also learned about the difference between "Equity" and "Equality."
School Participation
I think to getting the whole school to participate (or majority of them), is by dividing up the grades into the first 2 periods. 2 grades would go to the first period assembly and the other 2 would go the second period. But doing so, the assembly would have to be about 75 minutes.
One can find details & resources about Black History Month in..
The commons
The display cases
The bulletin board
In the hallways
Library (Books)
By: Anika Reeti
Journey Through Time
Time Capsule
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