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The declaration of independance

No description

Antoine Herbint

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The declaration of independance

The declaration of independence,
John Trumbull, 1818. Herbint Antoine, Reina Judith
History of united States
Bosch Marta
December, 2012 John Trumbull Born in Lebanon, Connecticut (1756)

Son of the Governor of Connecticut

Second personal aide to General Washington

Deputy adjutant-general to H. Gates (1776)

Artistic career started in London (1780)

Secretary to J. Jay during the negotiation of the treaty with Great-Britain (1794)

President of the American Academy of the fine Arts

Founder of the National Academy of Design

Died in New-York (1843) Biography "The Declaration of independence"
(1818) Historical context The painting
42 of the 56 signers of the Declaration

4 more politics:
George Clinton
Robert R. Livingston
Thomas Willing
John Dickinson

Confusion between two events:
July 2, 1776 (adoption)
July 4, 1776 (signing) End of the 18th century: war between 13 American colonies and Great Britain, ended in Sept. 3, 1783 (Treaty of Paris). Reasons ? High taxes from the metropolis
on the settlements
The idea of liberty and non sovereignty Commissioned by the Congress in 1817
Should represent the patriots signing the Constitution What in fact is: FURTHER INFORMATION Thanks For Your Attention! The Two Dollar Bill The Capitol The Declaration of independence Characteristics Extols:

Individual liberty
Freedom (from the Great Britain)

Influenced by Enlightenment
Does not treat about slavery
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