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andres villegas

on 1 November 2012

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by:Andres Villegas My awesome prezi NOVEMBER 15 1997 this is the day that i was born October 5 2001 the day that i broke my arm January 10 My second Dog My Newborn Sister My 8 gade graduation summer 2011 My awesome vacation this is the day i was born i am the second kid that my mom had My childhood was pretty awesome this is the day that i broke my arm and i was only 4 years old becuse i was laying in my moms bed and my brother randomly kick me of the bed and broke my arm Today was the day that i got my second dog because i love daogs .My mom Gave him away because he was chewing on egverything this summer a month from coming in to school i went to california< Me and my family had an amazing time it was an unforgetabkle experience> We whent to disneyland i dont care how old i get i will always enjoy going there in the summer it was all very boaring with nothing to do until my parents told us that we were going to disneyland the most amazing place in the world My 8th grade graduation was a very fun but sad moment because we were all going to diferent highschools and i had a good relationship with all of my friends My 14th birthday christmas my 14th birthday was awesome and i had so much fun because my family and friends came over this is the Day that my sister was born it was the most exiting day of my life now she is 4 years old and she is very smart christmas was amazing because my whole family came over to celebrate it with us and it was so awesome
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