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Chase Strupp F1: Modern Music-- Ra

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Chase Strupp F1: Modern Music-- Ra

Ziggy Marley
-Born: October 17, 1968 (Trenchtown,

-Died: still alive (age 45)

-Main instrument: vocal

-Rastafarianism (religion) influenced his music

Music by Ziggy Marley

"Redemption Song"
Ziggy Marley & The Chieftains
Bob Marley
-Born: February 6, 1945 (Nine Mile, Jamaica)

-Died: May 11, 1981 (Miami, Florida)

-Main Instrument: vocal, guitar, drums, pounding bass groove

-His religion, Rastafarianism, influenced his music
Damian Marley
-Born: July 21st, 1978 (Kingston, Jamaica)

-Died: still alive (age 35)

-Main Instrument: vocal, guitar, piano, percussion

-His religion, Rastafarianism, influenced his music

Music Genre: Reggae
-Years of reggae: Late 1960s-current day

-Queen Latifah was born during this time period, in the year 1970.

-The Tiananmen Square Massacre, on June 4, 1989

-Israel invades Lebanon on June 6,
Chase Strupp F1: Modern Music-- Reggae
Music by Bob Marley
"No Woman, No Cry"
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Music by Damian Marley
"Welcome to Jamrock"
Damian Marley
1. Pitch Low

2. Tempo Largo

3. Dynamics Mezzo Forte

4. Timbre Orange, sunset,
1. Pitch Low

2. Tempo Largo

3. Dynamics Mezzo forte

4. Timbre Gray, cloudy,
1. Pitch Low

2. Tempo Largo

3. Dynamics Mezzo Piano

4. Timbre Yellow, sunny,
Ultimately, reggae has been a lasting music genre in a time period that held many significant events. Reggae originated in Jamaica and was a type of music primarily impacted by the religion, Rastafarianism. This genre has promoted peace and was important during the late 20th century when conflicts and wars arose throughout the world. Moreover, the Marley family has produced many musicians for reggae and they have been major figures in music, encouraging harmony and nonviolence.
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