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Geek Girl Book Report

No description

Jane Park

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Geek Girl Book Report

Book Report Geek Girl Harriet is spotted by Infinity
Models. When Harriet is forced to go to the shopping mall with Nat, Harriet is spotted by Infinity Models, a famous modeling agency. Harriet is discouraged because her best friend, Nat, is the one who always wanted to be a model since five years old. However, Harriet is considered a geek at her school, and she believes that this is a chance to be popular. Back at home, her stepmother disagrees. Harriet's father thinks the opposite, and wants Harriet to be a model. When she visits Yuka Ito, the head fashion designer of Baylee, Yuka knows right away that Harriet is the girl she wants. Harriet chooses to be a model. Finally, Harriet chooses to be a model. Her dad thinks it is a good choice. They haven't told Nat and Annabel (Harriet's stepmother). When Harriet has to go out of England, her home country, Harriet and her dad lies to Nat and Annabel and heads to Moscow, Russia.
In Moscow, she doesn't have any problems except for walking in a straight line in the fashion show. Harriet still finishes the fashion show with a flourish. The problem starts when she comes back to England. As soon as Harriet gets off the train, Alexa, her school enemy greets her with a shower of bananas. Literally. Alexa tells Harriet that she had put the article in Nat's mailbox. The article about the new model of Baylee, Harriet herself. Harriet feels doomed. She runs all the way to Nat's house and bursts in to Nat's room. Nat sits on her bed staring at the article. Nat is shocked at what it says and kicks Harriet out of the room. When Harriet arrives her home, Annabel is nowhere in sight. There's only her dad looking miserable. Before she left, Annabel handed Dad a note that said that she found out that they lied. That was the reason she left her house. Harriet and her dad figures out a plan to take Nat and Annabel back. At first, the plan doesn't seem to work out too well. Harriet tries making Nat some homemade cookies and a card, but Nat's reaction is to give all of the cookies to her mom. Harriet and her dad don't lose hope. Harriet goes to Annabel's office and chats with her. Annabel tells Harriet that she still loves Harriet, and also that she didn't want Harriet to be a model because she thought Harriet would change. Harriet proved her wrong. She had persuaded Annabel to come back home.
Nat is the next person to take care of. Harriet makes her apologize to Alexa for cutting off her hair for Harriet. Soon they get along. Made by Jane Park By Holly Smale It turns out that Nat would have helped Harriet if she hadn't lied. Just in time, Infinity Models calls and asks Harriet if she can join the interview tomorrow. Nat grabs Harriet's phone and accepts eagerly. The next morning, Harriet is taken to the studio. Yuka hands her a small earpiece speaker and orders her to say whatever she wants her to say.
During the interview, Harriet says what is not true about herself. She gives up lying and confesses the truth. She surprises the interviewer by saying that fashion is just clothes. When she comes out of the interview, she is sure that she is fired. Instead, Yuka is proud of her to say such strong words. By modeling, Harriet has learned how to stand up for herself and be independent. She had found out how to respect and love herself the way she is. From this book...... I felt that even though some people are a bit weird, they can still grow up and be a very important person to the world. This book also made me understand that a person who is always bullied might get to be someone that is globally famous! This book connects to me because...... 1. I've been spotted by a modeling agency before (even though I refused to be a model).
2. My life had changed so suddenly when I decided to be a ballerina after all. I'd like to recommend this book to all the girls in my class because...... 1. After you read this book, you might think of the world differently like I did.
2. Also, you will realize that there is some kind of beauty underneath you, whether it's beauty of being able to think a lot at the same time, or the beauty of loving to read. Thank you for your attention!! After I've read this book
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