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Fellows Winter Seminar

No description

Stephanus de Kock

on 13 August 2010

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Transcript of Fellows Winter Seminar

So how do we intend to achieve all of this? We offer young South Africans two cutting-edge programmes, each with a slightly different focus. Scholars Programme (Schools) Fellows Programme (Universities) Scholars Programme
(at selected private & public schools) Broaden access to education
Financial need a key qualifying criteria, then merit
DUAL focus Leadership AND Entrepreneurial Development
Potential feeder to Fellows Programme
Intention: 50% of Allan Gray Scholars selected for Allan Gray Fellowship Fellows Programme
(at selected Universities) Merit first and foremost
Financial need NOT a key criteria
Potential feeder into e-Squared (Allan Gray's Venture Capital fund)
Fellows Pool to reflect SA's racial demographics
Intention: over time, 50% of Fellows become high-impact entrepreneurs and/or leaders
It's about exposing young Southern Africans to opportunities and enabling them to move... ... to here We take a long-term view What we mean... Mission II. High-Impact Entrepreneur A principled individual who leads an organisation and/or makes a contribution in a field in a manner that is highly interactive, differentiated and scalable... I. High-Impact Leader To promote prosperity through entrepreneurship in an integrated Southern Africa by fostering high impact leaders and entrepreneurs. A principled individual who creates and/or personally owns all or part of an enterprise that offers a product, service or business model that is highly innovative, differentiated and scalable... Vision "In the coming years there will emerge from diverse communities, a new generation of high impact entrepreneurial leaders. Individuals of passion, integrity and innovation who will be at the forefront of the continuing economic and social transformation of this region..."
1. 2. Tactical focus on... Philosophy Intellectual Imagination Achievement Excellence The Foundation's Entrepreneurial Values are made up of 5 Pillars: Entrepreneurial
Values Personal Initiative Spirit of Selflessness Courageous Commitment The Foundation's philosophy is informed by 3 contexts: = The Foundation's Ethos is simple... 4e s Personal traits of... Education Experience + Effort Ethics It's about changing mindsets... from creating problems 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The high level vision is to activate the Foundation's Pillars by establishing a set of entrepreneurial attitudes that give rise to the ability to become high impact leaders and high impact entrepreneurs. Compelling practical methods, both directed and self-directed, will...
Based on these Pillars, the Foundation's programmes will create an entrepreneurial culture by providing access to a range of challenging opportunities and experiences. expose, unlock & activate ... these attitudes into habitual entrepreneurial behaviour.
So how do we intend to do this?
Let's revisit the Foundation's 5 Pillars...
We have chosen to link each of the 5 Pillars to 4 Mindsets. For each of the Foundation's
20 'entrepreneurial mindsets', we've identified 6 vital attitudes.
Mindsets? Let's look at an example...
... is one of the Foundation's 5 'Pillars' Let's now take a step back and have a look at the 'Persuading' Mindset again The 'Persuading' mindset links to 6 key 'Attitudes' 1. Motivating 2. Manipulating 3. Persisting 4. Deal-making 5. Closing 6. Pitching 5 Pillars 20 Mindsets So, in summary... Here is why you would want to listen up and take notice: Hence, we're on the verge of releasing a new self-rating and development tool to be used by its Scholars and Fellows.
'Fine, I get that,
but so what?' Full Financial Support Entrepreneurship & Leadership Growth Education Personal Development & Mentoring to solving problems... This philosophy is intentionally embedded within an African perspective.
South Africa on top of the world! South Africa on top of the world! Our education
has failed us. The bubble has burst.
Most of us have been prepared for a bygone industrial area. In short, we're trained to fail in the worst possible sense.... Why? Because we're not even failing at what we naturally LOVE to do. We've also failed at what we've been trained to THINK we should do. Did you know? The word 'drop-out' has more billionaires to its credit (73) than any other university. Harvard University follows in a distant second, with only 50 billionaires to its credit. It's just that we spent our entire academic lives training to be irrelevant in our New Economy. INDUSTRIAL ERA

Follow instructions
Engage in rote learning
Work for grades
Develop a docile, domesticated disposition
Dependent on 'the system' for security and employment NEW ECONOMY

Blaze your own trail
Explore innovative ideas
Follow your passions
Develop your own rugged individualism
Create meaningful jobs We need to make a paradigm shift. "Arghhh, but we live in South Africa," you say.

"We're not really entrepreneurs." Not true. South Africa is one of the few countries with high rates of the DRD4 7R gene. Other countries include the USA, Australia, Singapore and Dubai. It so happens that DRD4 7R is the gene associated with a novelty-seeking, exploring, pioneering
mindset. The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation can't change your
But we can help you to see things differently. We've been taught to...

Avoid experimentation and risk
'Get it right' 90% of the time
Be straight 'A' students Reconnect with your passions, your unique talents, your creativity. Not at all. Bill Gates is one of these 73 drop-outs. It's not that education is unimportant. In the 'real world', however... "Huh, what gene?" And our ingredients for success? Work experience. 120 Attitudes 1 Foundation Back off! Its COMMUNITY context
recognising diverse backgrounds and the need for social transformation.
3. Its LEADERSHIP context:
enrolling leaders who activate opportunities and influence others to do the same. 2. Its ECONOMIC context
genuine value creation by business for the benefit of society.
1. All 3 contexts are inextricably linked If you only 'get it right' 20% of the time, you'll be among the most successful entrepreneurs, pioneers, innovators and creative risk-takers in the world. 9 out of 10 new businesses and creative ventures fail "[A mindset is] a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations."

- Princeton University
Besides, entrepreneurship is merely "a way of thinking, reasoning and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach and leadership balanced." (Timmons, 1997)
"... entrepreneurs have been the driving force for growth in countries around the world.

Their ability to see opportunities, to see order amongst chaos where others see only issues, problems and disorganisation, has helped transform communities and economies." - Sir Richard Branson (another billionaire 'dropout'... and dyslexic) "I believe that everyone is an entrepreneur in so far as they have the ability and desire to achieve great things and leave a legacy." - Adrian Gore: CEO and founder of Discovery Health ... which results in adding substantial value to society.
... which results in adding substantial economic value through offering the public great value for money and doing so, results in the creation of meaningful jobs, profitable enterprise and stakeholder value. "These individuals will be ambassadors of the power of initiative, determination and excellence, acting as role-models so that many more will follow in their pioneering footsteps."
Then go on to invent and shape the new tomorrow. from here... pillar > mindset > attitude personal initiative > persuading > motivating personal initiative > persuading > manipulating pillar > mindset > attitude pillar > mindset > attitude personal initiative > persuading > persisting pillar > mindset > attitude personal initiative > persuading > deal-making personal initiative > persuading > closing pillar > mindset > attitude pillar > mindset > attitude personal initiative > persuading > pitching After each activity, the Scholars and Fellows will have an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and to self-rate their development in terms of the attitude(s) in question. The programme will provide real-time feedback on the entrepreneurial progress of each user via Twitter.
the activity Use the
on your growth Using the 'Attitude' of 'Pitching' as an example... 3 simple steps...

... repeated again and again This tool utilises sophisticated software that will enable Scholars and Fellows to develop each of the 120 attitudes - in no particular order - by providing them with meaningful activities to complete. Questions? e e e e Actioning
Researching Persuading Being determined The Foundation has highlighted 4 mindsets linked to personal initiative: Think of it like this... For the Foundation, it's all about activating self-directed learning
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