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Stephenie Meyer

Author Research

Zoe Aery

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Stephenie Meyer

Childhood Adult Years Education Stephenie Meyer By Zoe Aery Stephenie Meyer was born on December
24, 1973 in Hartford, Connectict. She had 5
other siblings. Four years after she was born,
her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. During
that time she all ready loved to read books.
Her favorite authors where Jane Austen,
Charlotte Bronte, Margaret Mitchel, and many
more. In 1996, when she was between her
junior and senior years of college, she
got reunited with a childhood friend
named Christan Meyer. They dated for
about a year then they got married when
she was just 21 years old. She then
graduated college in 1997. The same year
she graduated she had her first baby
named Gabe. Then a couple years later
she had 2 other other boys named Seth,
then the other boy Eli. Since she had her
kids she has been a stay-at-home mom. Stephanie went to Chaparral High School in
Scottsdale, Arizona. She was an excelent
student. Since she was such a good student,
she got a National Merit Scholarship, she used
that scholarship to get into Bringham Young
University, where she majored in English
Literature. Bibliography Other Interesting info
She has called the uncommon spelling of her name "a gift from her father," because at the end of her name it has an "enie" so, it looks like Stephenie. Because her dad's name ends with an "enie" as well.
The last book of Twilight, Breaking Dawn, was such a long book that they had to split the movie in half to make a Breaking Dawn part 1 and Breaking Dawn part 2. The book was 768 pages long!
The 2nd movie of Breaking Dawn,released in November 2012, had made more than $200 million dollars! Professional
Career Stephenie is a stay-at-home mom with her 3 kids.Along with being an author, she enjoyed spending time with her scrap book club.Her husband quit his as an auditor to help a little more around the house, because the family
was making so much money. "Stephenie Meyer Biography" Bio.com A&E Networks Televison,
1996-2013. Web 15 Jan. 2013."

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"Stephenie Meyer." Book list. N.p., 1995-2012. Web. 17 Jan. 2013 Books The Host

The Short
Second Life of
Bree Tanner


New Moon


Breaking Dawn

Prom Nights from Hell

Hell on Earth

The Soul Awards New York Times Editor's

Publishers Weekly Best
Book of the Year

Amazon's Best Book of the

Teen People "Hot List" Pick

American Library Association
"Top Best Book for Young

Top 10 Books for Reluctant
Readers Good Job! Stephenie
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