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Mangrove Desalination

No description

Rachel Starbuck

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Mangrove Desalination

Mangrove Desalination
-Harness mangrove filtration abilities in coastal locations to produce freshwater from seawater
Our Design
-Combination of Pelamis, OTEC, and Bubble skyscraper (piggybacking off the ideas)
-Energy generated by wave power to pump freshwater from plants to shore and to pump seawater and freshwater to form brackish water
-uses different temperatures of water to condense water
Water Crisis
tropical, coastal areas
Main types
Red, Black, White, Buttonwood
Unique plants that can withstand harsh conditions that others can't
extremely salty areas
breathing roots (Pneumatophores)
reproductive properties (Vivipary)
Inspiration One: OTEC and Pelamis
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
uses different temperatures of water to condense or vaporize ammonia
uses turbine to control flow of water
sturdy, long device that can harness energy from waves
Inspiration Two: Bubble Skyscraper
-Proposed for agricultural province in Spain
-Mentioned in 2010 eVolo skyscraper competition
-Tower made of circular tanks filled with brackish water and mangroves that produces freshwater
Fresh water makes up 2.5% of world's water resource
Within the next 50 years population will grow 40-50%
Only about 1% fresh water liquid left
According to USAID, one-third of the people on earth will be facing “severe” or “chronic” water shortages by 2025
Causes of Water Scarcity
increased usage
climate change

Water Scarcity in Developing Countries
source of health issues (lack of sanitation)
source of food crisis
source of potential conflict
1. Inefficient
-Have to use freshwater to make brackish water
-How much freshwater will the plants produce?
2. Expensive
-mangrove upkeep
-building the chain structure
3. Design nuances
-with outside force interference (waves, storms, etc.) can the design still work?
4. Repairs
-how difficult would it be to repair the massive device?
1. Converts seawater to freshwater
-provides access to 97.5% of water on earth
2. Environmentally friendly
-won't damage plankton or other marine life
-won't cause pollution
-produces minimal noise
3. Sustainable
-uses renewable energy wave power
-uses plants to provide distillation
4. Water is clean
-plants automatically eliminate salt and other pollutants
Inspiration 3: Solarball
-A solar powered water purifier
-can produce 3 liters of clean water a day
-creator has been named as a finalist in the 2011 Australian Design Awards/James Dyson Award
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