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Segregation Throughout History in Baseball

Our American pastime,baseball, was once not as we kno it today. The game was shadowed by segregation until some of the games greatest players faught against diversity to ake Baseball as we see it today.

Robbie King

on 21 October 2009

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Transcript of Segregation Throughout History in Baseball

Segregation Throughout History in Baseball <billsportsmaps.com> In 1920, the first Negro League of baseball was organized
Teams included Baltimore Black Sox, Philapelphia Stars, New York Black Yankees, Indianapolis Clowns, St. Louis Stars, Detroit Stars and a number of other teams. American Pastime: The Beginning Evolved from various European "bat and ball" games

In the 19th century 2 men, Alexander Cartright and Abner Doubleday
organization of what we know as Baseball

First recorded baseball contest took place in 1846

1848, National Association of Base Ball Players was organized as the
first baseball league. Alexander Cartwright
<www.rpi.edu> Abner Doubleday
<www.rpi.edu> Baltimore Black Sox started as an independent team in 1916
In 1929, during the great deppression players were without contracts to play
Members of the Eastern Colored League in 1923
1929, they won 70 percent of their season games and took home the American Negro League Championship.
1934 they dropped out in the first half of their season because of poor performances by the team but later returned to play the second half.
However after that year the Black Sox folded and left Baltimore without a teamuntil 1938 when The Baltimore Elite Giants were formed
1918, were originally the semi-pro Nashville Standard Giants
1921, the semi-pro team was renamed the Elite Giants
After the League was forced to fold in 1931, the Elite Giants pushed for the league were it came back in 1933
Because of a poor economy the team was forced to move to Columbus (1935), then Washington (1936-37), and finally landed in Baltimore (1938-47)
The Elite won the Negro National Title in 1939 and 1949
Because of financial problems within the managment of the team they were sold numerous times and finally ended up back in Nashville for one last season before the team folded.
Baltimore, MD Teams During Segregation Pioneers of Interracial Baseball Jackie Robinson was first: Brooklyn Dodgers, April 15, 1947

Larry Doby was first in the American League: Cleveland Indians, July 5, 1945

Hank Thompson was third: St. Louis Browns, July 17, 1947

These Men Were the First to Be included in the white dominated MLB and the first to break the color line during the segregation era of Baseball

Color Lines Set and Broken
Color Lines Set
African Americans played baseball throughout the 1800s
All-black professional teams began in the 1880s
In July of 1887, the International League banned future contracts with black players, although it allowed black players already under contract to stay on its teams. (this helped shaped what we kno as the "color line" in baseball which made it to were African Americans could not participate in the Major League)
Most professional African American players were only aloud to play in exhibition games on "colored" teams.

Color Lines Broken
In 1945, the segregation policies changed when Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson of the Negro League's Kansas City Monarchs agreed to a contract that, under Rickey as Manager, Jackie would be the first African American in the majors.
On October 23, 1945, Jackie Robinson officially signed the contract
Robinson officially broke the major league color line when he put on a Dodgers uniform, number 42, in April 1947.
As a result, many owners of major league teams started to rent their stadiums to Negro League teams when their own teams were on the road.
The Negro Leagues would not last much longer after.

Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Line Born in Cairo, Georgia, on January 31, 1919.
Attended John Muir Technical High School and Pasadena Community College before transferring to the University of California, Los Angeles
Lettered in four sports at UCLA (baseball, football, basketball, and track)
Showed an early interest in civil rights in the Army.
He was drafted in 1942 and served on bases in Kansas and Texas (became a second lieutenant)
Shortly after leaving the Army in 1944, Robinson joined the Kansas City Monarchs, a leading team in the Negro Leagues
Branch Rickey met with Jackie Robinson at the Brooklyn Dodgers office in August, 1945
Jackie agreed to a contract with Brooklyn's Triple-A minor league farm club, the Montreal Royals
October 23, 1945, He officially signed the contract.
April 1947, Robinson broke the color line. Baseball Now Many great atheletes came out of the segregation era in Baseball. Those like the great Jackie Robinson helped make what we see today as baseball. They shaped the new way people would think and made it posible for anyone, no mater what race, to play the game today. Without these heros the game we kno of today would not be the same. As a result, baseball today is now more popular amoung other races rather than White Americans and this was only made posible by the greats of the game.
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