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Martin Bridge

Payton Kreps Prezi Project March 11, 2015

Laura Cody

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Martin Bridge

Designed By: Payton Kreps
Genre: Fiction

Martin- Trailblazing Jr. Badger
Alex- King of Pranks
Clark- Houdini with tape
Stuart- Camp Maestro
Dad- Leading expert on the use and abuse of tools
Mom- Family Photographer
Head Badger Bob- Lost without a compass
Jenny- Mechanical Genius

Summary 1

Martin, Alex, Stuart, and Clark are all Jr. Badger Scouts. The group likes to pull pranks on each other. They all went on a camping trip for Scouts to Camp Kitchywahoo. They had a scavenger hunt in the woods. They sat around a campfire and told stories.
Summary 2
During their camping trip Alex kept on pulling pranks on the other scouts and Martin and Clark decided to do something about it. Alex had made his own kind of slime for the trip and that's what they used for their prank against Alex, but when they tried to get the slime it was gone. When they went back it turns out somebody had mistaken the slime for relish and nobody ate their food that day.
Summary 3
There were two parts of this book. The second part takes place after the Scout trip. Martin is home watching his favorite show Zip Rideout: Space Cadet. His dad is outside mowing and tries to get Martin to help him mow the lawn. Martin doesn't like mowing the yard. His dad makes him use a very old rusty lawnmower named Laverne. Martin wants to go back inside and watch his show but his dad makes him help fix Laverne. They talk about his Dad's favorite show when he was younger.
Summary 4
Volt Thundercloud was Dad's favorite superhero. Martin and his Dad work on Laverne all day and do not get her fixed. The next morning Mom tells them about a new shop in town that fixes lawnmowers. When they go to the shop they meet Jenny who was Martin's good friend. She says she will fix Laverne, but it would take a couple days. After Jenny was done fixing Laverne she called Martin and his Dad to pick up the mower. She offered Martin a choice to paint or decal Laverne. He decided to put lightning bolts on Laverne to make his Dad happy. It reminded his Dad of his favorite superhero Volt Thundercloud and his Dad was proud of Martin. Mom took Dad and Martin's picture with Laverne so they could cherish the memory.
Boys and Girls age 7 and up

Martin Bridge
Blazing Ahead

Written by:
Jessica Scott Kerrin

Slime (Relish)
Hot dog

"A warm, rich story for new
chapter-book readers"
-The Horn Book Magazine
"Young readers will identify
with Martin and will celebrate
his successes"
-Kirkus Reviews
New York Times says its a "Must Read"

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