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Ralph Animals of the Rainforest

No description


on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Ralph Animals of the Rainforest

Physical Description

The size of the Anaconda can grow up to 40 feet (11.4m) long
The body parts of the Anaconda
are the nostril,eye,jaws,scales
and the tail.
The coloring of the Anaconda is greenish-brown
with rows of black and oval spots on the back and
smaller white markings on the sides.
Anacondas have very dark scales to help it
camouflage. The scales camouflage with the
The Anaconda is a Carnivore. It eats meat.

The Anacondas eat Agouti, Capybara, Pig,
Jaguar, Caiman. The predator of the Anaconda
is the Jaguar.
The Anaconda is a Consumer because it eats other
animals that have a lot of energy.
The Anaconda lives in the forest floor
because the Anacondas live mostly
in swamps, rivers.
The Anaconda adapts
to the Rainforest by colling
its prey in the water
The Anaconda camouflages
with the water.
Animals of the Rainforest
Third Grade
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