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What are they doing?

ESL: Using the Present Continuous to describe current actions

Dan Mahony

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of What are they doing?

What is Morph doing? What are they doing? What are Laurel and Hardy doing? What is Charlie Chaplin doing? What are Wallace and Gromit doing? What are Tom and Jerry doing? Morph is painting.
Morph is hiding.
Morph is laughing.
Morph's friend is throwing paint. Laurel is cleaning.
Hardy is fixing a boat. Charlie is working.
The boss is watching and shouting.
The men are arguing. Tom is playing the piano.
Jerry is sleeping.
They are fighting. Wallace is sleeping.
Gromit is reading a newspaper.
Gromit is opening mail.
They are eating breakfast. Rules When I talk about me,
I say 'I am'. I am studying English.
I am reading a book. When I talk about other people,
I say 'He is/She is/John is'. When I talk about groups of people,
I say 'We are/They are'. He is sleeping.
Diana is playing computer games.
The dog is eating a bone. They are eating lunch.
We are having fun. What are they doing? Today we will learn how to talk about now.

To do this, we use -ing verbs. What are they doing? What is he doing? What are they doing? What is she doing? What are they doing? What is she doing? What is he doing? What are they doing? What are they doing? What is she doing? What is he doing? What are they doing? What is she doing? What is the monkey doing? What is he doing? They are waiting for a bus. He is crying. They are laughing. She is talking on the phone and eating. They are kissing. She is drinking coffee. He is driving a car. They are arguing. They are dancing. She is sneezing. He is taking a rest. They are exercising. She is studying and listening to music. They monkey is thinking. He is doing homework. Let's practice! Watch the videos.
Use the worksheet to write sentences using -ing verbs. What is he doing? He is digging. What is Mr. Bean doing? The dog is chasing sheep.
Mr Bean is driving his car.
Mr Bean is talking to his teddy bear. For extra practice, look at pages 92-95 of your test books.
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