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Visual Literacy and Student Learning

No description

Courtney Werner

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Visual Literacy and Student Learning

Visual Literacy and Student Learning
by Courtney L. Werner, English Dept.
Innovations Exposition | 2013

Input 1: Class Readings
Introduce students to the idea of visual literacy
Consider readings:
New London Group's "Multiliteracies"
Brian Street's "Literacy in Theory and Practice"
Scott McCloud's "The Vocabulary of Comics"
Charles Hill's "Reading the Visual in College Writing Classrooms"
Martin Solomon's "The Power of Punctuation"
Cindy Johanek's "Multiplying Literacy = Adding Numeracy"
Input 2:
Class Activities
Help students see an assigned reading a new way, or help them think through an argument differently. Ask them to visualize. Often, it's helpful if you bring in newsprint/butcher paper, crayons, and markers.

Leave the door open: don't tell them exactly what you want or expect.
Input 3: Major Projects
Give students multimedia requirements for their major assignments:
Incorporate visuals of their own creation
Understand graphs, charts, tables, and figures as rhetorical texts that impart information to the reader/viewer
Share samples from scholarly articles to help students understand how visuals are incorporated to effectively craft an argument
Student Attempts
Improved understanding
Improved critical thinking and application
Stronger research papers
Enhanced clarity in writing
In Class Group Production
Final Report Figure
Demonstrating Findings via Word Clouds as Visuals
Effectively Using Pie Charts
Practical Uses of
Visual Literacy
Take Away
Visual exercises improve student understanding
Visual exercises improve students' communicative abilities
Implement visual activities in your class
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