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No description

Melanie Duve

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Melanie/Parisoma

for Melanie Duve as Events & Communications Manager Who is Melanie anyway? Community Outreach Manager
New Yorker (by way of Connecticut)
Graduate of UC Berkeley
Social Media Manager
Creative Writer
Direct startup experience
Problem Solver
Curly Hair Grower Q: How can Melanie fit in at Parisoma?
A: Seamlessly 1: The network
2: The revenue
3: The brand The network Parisoma has a rich, dynamic network of creatives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Duh. The brand Who is Parisoma? No, really. Nurture existing Parisoma network
Follow up with members & attendees after successful events
Listen to what needs & wants of community are
Engage social media & online presence The revenue Let's face it: Cash money is important. Goal: $10k/month
New business/new partnerships w/ existing network
Analyze patterns and trends: What do people want?
Mutually beneficial relationships: ie Event series
Rich calendar of target events for each month
Evaluate past performance Social media schedule w/ engaging, relevant content
Original content for Parisoma blog, including interviews with team, tenants and speakers, videos
Make the name "Parisoma" synonymous with innovation and thought leadership
Dynamic press kit highlighting the Parisoma community melanie.duve@gmail.com Relevant experience Melanie Duve Passion for
written word Ability to grow
network Organized & Motivated Proven success Community
leader melanie.duve@gmail.com
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