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Rising Action-Climax of Oliver Twist

No description

David Hassan

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Rising Action-Climax of Oliver Twist

Rising Action-Climax Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
David Hassan
Ms. Kineman
English Honors 10-7
13 May 2014

Oliver is born. Mother dies.
Grows up in orphanage
Becomes an apprentice
Runs away and is taken in by a group of thieves
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
a related series of incidents in a literary plot that build toward the point of greatest interest.
"He clasped his hands together, and involuntarily uttered a subdued exclamation of horror. A mist came before his eyes; the cold sweat stood upon his ashy face; his limbs failed him; and he sank upon his knees" (Dickens 203).
Key Characters
Oliver Twist: Protagonist, Dynamic, and Round
Fagin: Dynamic. Often referred to as"The Jew". Villain.
Nancy: Subordinate, Static. Very Complicated.
Artful Dodger: Subordinate, Static. Against Structure
Charley Bates: Subordinate. Sidekick.
Sikes:Dynamic. Known as Stubborn.Villain.
Mr.Brownlow: Subordinate,Flat,Static. Mentor of Oliver.
Mrs.Maylie: Subordinate, Flat. Known mainly for caring nature
Rose Maylie: Subordinate, Static. Also known for caring nature.
Harry Maylie: Flat. Also caring.
Mr. Giles: Subordinate. Butler.
Mr. Grimwig: Dynamic. Known for eccentricity.
Mr. Losberne: Subordinate. Country doctor.
Mr. Bumble: Dynamic, Flat. Beadle in town where Oliver is born.
Mrs. Corney: Subordinate. Power hungry.
Monks: Antaganist, Subordinate, Static. Out to get Oliver.
The Inciting Incident is the event or decision that begins a story’s problem.
Oliver doesn't realize Dodger and Fagin are thieves
Taken in by Mr.Brownlow
Runs an errand for him to prove trustworthiness
Quote:" 'I wont be ten minutes, sir' "(Dickens 136).
Oliver runs the errand for Mr.Brownlow
The thieves pursue him
Doesn't return because he was kidnapped by Sikes and Nancy
Refuses to take part in thievery
man vs. man; external
Quote:""Don't,' cried Oliver, struggling. 'Let go of me. Who is it? What are you stopping me for?'"(142)
a decisive moment that is of maximum intensity or is a major turning point in a plot.
Oliver refuses to steal
But is forced to take place in the robbery
Sikes forces him at gun point
Works Cited
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Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens.
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