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Earthquake project for Mr. Lattanzio

What is an earthquake and how is it started?

Zachary Bardos

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Earthquake project for Mr. Lattanzio

Earthquakes What is an earthquake? How are earthquakes formed? Tectonic Plates An Earthquake is a shaking in the ground caused by two tectonic plates colliding together. Earthquakes are formed when two or more tectonic plates collide. Earthquakes can have a very devistating effect of collapsing buildings. Tactonic plates are parts of Earth that lie on the asthenosphere and move around due to sea-floor spreading. Continents are on the tectonic plates and when the plates move, so do the continents. That is how the super continent, Pangaea, was split apart. Earthquakes are not a fun thing to have. The End The The End
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