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Virgin Group- Richard Branson

No description

Amrit Raj

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Virgin Group- Richard Branson

Virgin corporate rationale: making a difference and standing for, value for money, quality, innovation. diversification into as many markets that are potentially feasible and a sense of competitive challenge
Richard Branson
Servant Leadership
Great Marketing mind
Motivating by fun and humour
Open to suggestions and views
Employee First culture
Hands-Off approach
Branson- The Leader
Virgin should improve their leadership and organizational structure.
Over reliance on Branson's leadership and culture
Emphasis on survival rather than risk should be considered before Virgin takes on a new challenge
Future Projects
Virgin Galactic
Virgin Active
Review of food sourcing and suppliers to ensure most responsible supply chain in industry
How to speed up the production of renewable aviation fuel through unique financing tool
Virgin Produce India
Global Ocean commission
Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Mobile,Virgin Blue,Virgin Hotel, Virgin Wine, Virgin Train, Virgin radio
Virgin Brand
Virgin brand is synonymous with:
High Quality
Good value for money
Challenge existing alternatives
Have fun
Brilliant customer Service
Richard Branson
Virgin Group (FOE)- Richard Branson
Group 08

Virgin Group Ltd. is a British multinational founded by
Sir Richard Branson.
It started in 1970 as a mail order record business.
By 2014 Virgin employed 50,000 people, in 34 countries
with a revenue of £18 billion.
Corporate Rationale
Sir Richard Branson
Born in 1950 in England
Suffered from Dyslexia
High school drop-out
Launched Virgin Records in 1972
Enormous appetite for risk
Hungry for diversification
Fun loving
A generous philanthropist
Corporate Culture and Values
Focus LESS on profit and FAR MORE on industry impact
High Quality
Good Value for money
Challenge the Status Quo
Having Fun
Virgin Vodka,Virgin Cola,Virgin Bride, Virgin Vie, Virgin Clothing, Virgin cars, Virgin flowers,
Virgin Megastore, Virgin Digital.......
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