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Coke and mentos Experiment

No description

Camilla Crowe

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Coke and mentos Experiment

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli = + We did an experiment on coke and mentos. The thing we were investigating was whether the amount of mentos that when into the bottle would the effect the amount of coke that would come out. Hypothesis
We thought that the coke would go higher with more mentos and would tip more coke out of the bottle. What you need:
Coke bottles
Heaps of mentos
Flat surface Method:
Open coke bottle.
Put in mentos quickly.
Run away and watch explode. Results:
We put in 6 mentos into various different coke bottles. The first one we did was a 450ml coke bottle and we put in 6 mentos. It didn't go very high it only went a couple of centimeters. Also only half of the coke was tipped out. What happened to the others:

Coke Bottel: how much came how many mentos:
500ml 83ml 6
450ml 225ml 6
750ml 125ml 6
1 litre 167ml 6
2 litre 333ml 6
1.25 208ml 6
1.5 250ml 6
25ml 5ml 6 By Camilla Crowe and Alex Goufas
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