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future weapons are explained in this prezi

Adam Sutter

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of FUTURE WEAPONS

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Adam and Josh Future Weapons What Emerging Technology Is Emerging technology are new equipment that are not on sale, or do not exist at this time. For an example the `Xbox 720` is an emerging technology because its in the process of being made but does not exist. Corner Shot Launcher The `Corner Shot Launcher` is in it`s stage of being developed. This is being made by Dynamit Noble Defense in Germany. It shoots a disposable grenade launcher and the barrel can bend around 60 degree corners. A soldier would prefer this weapon because it would help prevent the risk of dying. XM-25 Burst Rifle This gun is being constructed by Alliance Tech systems in the USA. It has a computerized scope which can tell where the shot will land, or hit. The bullet is able to expand shrapnel around in the area which can affect more than one person. Russian Black Eagle Tank The Black Eagle Tank is being currently made in Russia. It will be well known for its unique skills in combat, its fast speed while in pursuit and it`s quick rotating cannon. It`s top speed is 50mph plus the Black Eagle Tank weighs a total of 48 tonnes. KMW Boxer The eight-wheeled mobile truck can take extreme firepower and get throw the toughest of terrains. The outer-layer of the mobile truck is covered in reinforced steel. The KMW Boxer has deep-rigged tires giving the vehicle much more grip. Has unique flexibility enabling it to easily bend round tight corners. MSBS 556 The MSBS 556 assault rifle is currently being made in Poland and will come to the Polish military around 2014. The rifle has a unique setting to it, it can change from single-shot fire to fully-automatic and then to rapid fire. The company of this weapon is called Lucznik Arms Factory. How Have Weapons Changed The World? Weapons have been around for centuries and still continue to grow. Weapons have changed the way we fight and live, such as WWII, not only did weapons change soldiers but changed civilians lives as well. THANKS!!!!FOR WATCHING AND... HOPE!!!YOU ENJOYED!!! New Long-Range Rocket? A newly made rocket has been launched in North Korea, North Korea are wanting to see if long-range rockets are possible. The future rocket is being built just above the atmosphere thats where it will be staged for several years to come. Your Presenters Adam Sutter & Josh Turner Smith The Type 26 Global Combat Ship In 2020 The Royal british Navy will be launching an evolution to naval cobat warships. This new breed is capable of launching twice as many rockets than an average warship. As well as more rockets, there will be more room for aircraft and vehicles, these aircraft and vehicles can be remotely controlled meaning more casaulties will be prevented when in the field.
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