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Sumerian Warriors

A Prezi presentiaion on Sumerian Warriors

raj patel

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Sumerian Warriors

Warriors Activities as part of job As part of thou job, we defend Sumer.
We make sure no man captures thou
kingdom. Tools or Resources OH YEA...THOU ALSO NEEDTH FOOD Where We work and who works with us. We work with other warriors and generals. Also if a battle
is very important, the king even makes appearance. We
work in the village defending and in battles, and we claim new territories for thou kingdom. Interesting Facts Thou needs thy Spear, wooden shield, and a toga or warm fur clothes for personal use. Thou also needs a chariot, bow, arrows a dagger (just in case) and horses if thou is an archer. Thou can also use a battering ram to BOOM in thy enemies cities. The list is(th) too big to name. Why this job is important Our job is important because without us there would be no one to defend Sumer. Interesting facts
Most army's started off of as local militias
Army's barely ever used cavalry because saddles weren't developed Some Women were also warriors.
Archers and chariot warriors dressed their horses.
Warriors had weird helmets...basically brass caps with ear holes (literally ear shaped holes) By: Raj Patel and Jordan Naumovski YOU KNOW WHAAT IT IS...

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