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Registration Holds

No description

Amy Finkenbine

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Registration Holds

The Simple Steps
- Math and English results are updated within 3 days after a test...Thanks Testing Center!

- Printed Results
- Follow that, it's the most up-to-date

- What can be used for placement if they don't want to take the tests (Reading, Writing, and Math)?

MAT Placement
- Coordinated by the Math Placement Coordinator
- mathplace@oakton.edu

- Either need an email directly stating they can register, or have placement in SOATEST.

- Questions/Issues can be directed to the Coordinator.
EGL, The Holy Grail
End Goal - Reaching EGL 101

Two Tracks - Native or Non-Native Speakers

Two Subtracks - Reading and Writing

How to Move Between Classes
- Score higher on the placement test,
pass your class/pass the exit test
Developmental Courses for the Non-Native Speaker
Writing Classes
EGL 074
EGL 075
EGL 076
EGL 090
Developmental Courses for the Native Speaker
Waivers vs. Signatures
ESL or Reading Waiver
- Come from meeting with the Advisor
- Waiving a mandatory class
When Can I Override a Hold?
- Do they have a waiver for that required hold?

- Are they trying to register for the next appropriate course required for the hold?

- Did the advisor sign a registration slip for extra classes?

- Are you receiving a prerequisite error?

Sucessful Registration!
Placement Holds
The Road to
Registering Students

Reading Classes
EGL 071
EGL 072
EGL 073
EGL 089
Writing Classes
EGL 096
EGL 097
Reading Classes
EGL 092
EGL 094
Advisor Signature on a Reg. Slip
- Come from meeting with the Advisor
- Student's enrolling in classes in addition to mandatory courses
Prerequisite Errors, Co-requisite Errors, Placement Errors
Check desired course description, check SOATEST, consult a staff member
EGL 101
(Native Sections Only)
EGL 101
(Native or Non-Native)
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