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Zooming User Interfaces 1978 - 2012 - ...

History of Zooming Interfaces. Why and how did desktop interfaces win? Are zooming interfaces better?

Zsolt Balai

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Zooming User Interfaces 1978 - 2012 - ...

Frontend Meetup 2012 May
Welcome to the Zooming World!
this lecture is mainly based on the works of
Jef Raskin
Prof. Dr. Andreas Butz
Spatial Memory
Spatial Memory Testing: Visual Pattern Span
Spatial memory is the part of memory responsible for recording information about one's environment and its spatial orientation.
ZUI definition
Zooming user interface or zoomable user interface is a graphical environment where users can change the scale of the viewed area in order to see more detail.
Complex Number Calculator CNC
ZUSE computer 1943
Punched card storage 1950s - 1970s
Comand line interface / terminals 1960s -
Xerox PARC 1970s
Windows 7 (2009)
Mac OS X Tiger (2005)
Spatial Data Management System (MIT 1978)
1993 pad
1994 pad++
2000 Zoomworld
2003 Seadragon
2007 PREZI startup
2008 MS Photosynth
Later sold to MS
Seadragon Demo 2007
Brief History of User Interfaces
Brief History of ZUIs
"It doesn't matter how much information we are looking at…
The only thing that ought to limit the performance of the system like this one is the number of pixels on your screen at any given moment."
Blaise Aguera y Arcas / Seadragon
ZUI Demos
Eagle Mode
Where is the exit of this building?
ZUI Advantages/Disadvantages
Unlimited screen real estate
Locating and refinding objects is easier
You always have the "big picture"

Getting lost
Loosing objects in space
Zooming navigation can be too fast - for older people - or too slow
PREZI employees have any opinion?
UX books to read
This is a great book about UX basics and measurement
(from 2000, now slightly outdated)
Great observations and conclusions about user behavior.
Very funny too :)
Why is UI so important and how to prove this to management
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