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Cross Canadian Ragweed

No description

Tristen VanDaley

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed
How they formed
Cross Canadian Ragweed formed in Yukon, Oklahoma. They moved to Stillwater and started their career.
CCR is a red dirt/ Texas Country/ Country Rock band.
The Members are Grady Cross, Cody Canada, Randy Ragsdale, and Jeremy Plato.
Famous Album
Soul Gravy is probably the most known album. They have more than just one well known album. Like, "The Purple Album" named for the bands "little sister" that died in a car wreck just before.
Record Label
There are two major companies that CCR used, and they were Smith Music Group, and Universal South Records
Cross Canadian Ragweed's latest tour was in Denver, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois in 2010.
Cross Canadian Ragweed has a clothing line of different kinds. They have t-shirts for guys and girls, hats, and even cologne.
Income total
Notable appearances
Cross Canadian Ragweed has opened for many famous singers. Like Dierks Bentley, Stoney Larue, Micky & the Motorcars, and Reckless Kelley. They actually split up in 2012.
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