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Developmental Stages of a Baby

No description

Margaret Geist

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Developmental Stages of a Baby

3 months
6 months
One year
9 months
Developmental Stages of a Baby
One Month Milestones
after a few weeks, the baby will recognize mother's voice, face and touch
hearing is fully developed
can lift head briefly and turn it to the side when on their stomach
can move hands close to their mouth
tummy time to strengthen muscles
time outside: parks and playgrounds
simple games
5 Month Milestones
sit upright for long periods of time
baby's grasp gets stronger
can pull objects close and pick them up in the palm of his hand
baby can usually sleep through the night
7 Month Milestones
stranger anxiety sets in
starts eating solid food
good time to childproof home
integrate play into everything
baby recognizes their name
9 Month Milestones
brain is developing
lots of play between mother and child
creeping to crawling
11 Month Milestones
first word
using sounds to symbolize words they do not know yet
talking to baby, narrating actions, helps improve language
2 Month Milestones
baby's personality begins to show
likes and dislikes begin to show
babies gain more control of their bodies
strong sucking reflex
can briefly hold toys or bat at object
sleep pattern is evolving: 15-16 hours a day
can see objects up to 18 inches away
4 Month Milestones
6 Month Milestones
doubled birth weight
can sit up on their own
roll from their stomach to their back
babies start to creep, sliding on their stomach while pushing against the floor
sleep 6-8 hours
8 Month Milestones
20/20 vision
infant can pick up object with thumb and forefinger
object permanence begins to take shape in their brain
words take shape in brain
10 Month Milestones
babies movement evolves further, scooting around
baby continues to babble
establishing human relationships so stranger anxiety is eliminated
object permanence is much better
learning about cause and effect
baby's temperament is obvious
Three Month Milestones
imitates facial expressions
baby can lift his own head and chest
open and close hands
shake toys
swat at dangling objects
bring his hands to his mouth
push down with legs if held in a standing position
hand eye coordination improves
12 Month Milestones
child can hold herself up
uses gestures; shaking head "no" and pointing
tries to find hidden objects
speaking words
can stand with support
baby smiles, laughs, babbles
baby is becoming more dexterous
can move toys or shake rattles
baby will grab at anything in reach
baby puts everything in their mouth
good head control while supported
kick and push with feet
full night's sleep
baby's vision is sharpened
follow moving objects with their eyes
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