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3.06 War at Home

No description

Nakayla Spencer

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of 3.06 War at Home

Germany's Flag
I live in fear everyday. Some of our stores have been vandalized. Make it worse one of our own was lynched in Illinois.

The governement is tollerating these un-American persecutions. Other Americans barely treat us with respect... last time I check we are all still human. Orchestras refuse to play the works of our homeland composers. Our German elements of everyday live has been changed, by the everyday American life.

German Americans
Jewish Flag
The KKK has a anti-semitic views, and the government is not doing anything about it. I have been facing discrmination everyday.

Since the government is not doing anything to help us we put together many of our own organizations. In order to support the troops and raise money.
Jewish Americans
I get called a slacker a lot. I am also forced to register for war and I have to carry out my enlistment. I am not even treated with respect. Whenever anyone speaks were are told be to all hush hush. Socialist, Newspapers, and labor unions are montired closely now. I feel that we should take matters into our own hands, but in reality nothing would happen. Why? Because the government still overpowers us.
Flags of Asia
I have always been a victim of discrmination. The governemnt has put a limit to Japanese immigration. Other Americans treat us poorly. Now that WW1 is here it has only worsened.

Now Asian Americans are being rewarded citizenship for their service in WW1.
Asian Americans
3.06 War at Home
Nakayla Spencer
Flags of the Hispanic
I am mistrusted and doubted because of the war. Puerto Ricans are required to sign up for the draft and are being sent to either Europe of the Panama Canal.

We are not treated so badly I do not have to have fear in my body. I am so happy it is not as bad as it can get.
Hispanic Americans
Women of WW1
I have served overseas for my country. Our treatment is much better now. We are now allowed to work regular jobs. They also allow us to fill in for the men at war, rather than being stuck at home and taking care of our kids.

Hopefully soon we will gain the right to vote. It is in our highest hopes that the government sees that women are a useful part of the government and our society.
Outside on my deck
In Clarksville, TN
Name: Nakayla Dominique Spencer
Education: FLVS
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
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