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Inspiring Students Through Web Tools

Integration of web tools into instruction and planning for the classroom can help to motivate and better engage 21st century learners, of all age levels.

Brandon Milonovich

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of Inspiring Students Through Web Tools

Thomas O'Brien Academy
of Science & Technology Cloud Teaching Real Time Teaching Google & Gaggle Habits of the Mind Inspiring Students Through Web
Tools http://www.gaggle.net CURRICULUM 21:
Essential Education for a Changing World
Heidi Haynes Jacobs http://www.google.com The last time in American History that this occured was:

The Industrial Revolution! Children are the consumers & producers! "At this point in history of formal education change is occurring...
Whereas before we gathered knowledge to become intelligent, now intelligence is measured by how well we apply knowledge to ask the right questions about how to solve the world's problems". Pocasting Movie maker YouTube Texting Web 2.0 Prezi Google Docs Free Apps imovies "It isn't the Answer Anymore...It's the question" Digital Storytelling "We are forced to replace the metaphor ...the tree of knowledge, organized in a Dewey decimal-like fashion, with a cloud metaphor as participants in the information bazaar reconstruct the relevance & relationships of knowledge artifacts in ever changing shapes and patterns". Blogging Wikis Grand Canyon Black History: Langston Hughes Poem Video Conferencing: Compare & Contrast
Human Eye with Cow Eye Smokey Mountains New York State Black History Celebration Vast Global Scratch Scratch http://scratch.mit.edu/ Student Tool Use Teacher Tool Use Story Animations http://www.xtranormal.com Online Timelines Online Blogs http://www.blogger.com http://helpfulinformationaboutmath.blogspot.com/ http://www.dipity.com http://www.dipity.com/celie606/Important-Events-and-History-of-Mathmatics_2/ http://www.engrade.com Online grading was introduced in a rural school district near Albany, NY.
Engrade allows students to:
-View their grades and assignments outside of school thereby increasing individual accountability.
-Communicate with the teacher beyond the traditional means of in-person interactions Contacts Brandon Milonovich, The College of Saint Rose

Laurie Ellis, Albany City Schools
lellis@albany.k12.ny.us Brandon Milonovich, The College of Saint Rose Laurie Ellis, Albany City Schools
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