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Careers in Education

Class information

Sam Nelson

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Careers in Education

Mrs. Nelson's
Careers in Education

The Door
to Success
in this class

Don't forget... You should only walk through this door if you want to work with kids!
Mrs. Nelson's Bio
Mrs. Nelson's
Teaching Philosophy

Class Units
Your Field Work
Expectations and Grading
The Perks
Mrs. Nelson's Bio
Outdoorsy stuff
Walking my Dog, Gromit
Reading and Blogging
Husband, Mike Nelson
Married 25 years!
Son, Michael
15 yrs. old
Alyssa, 27
Kaely, 25
Addie, 17
Sister, Tabitha
2 years
older than me!
Mom and Dad,
both retired teachers
Outside the U.S.
Inside the U.S.
South Carolina
N and S Dakota
I also like to TRAVEL!
Positive Attitude
Good Attendance

The Power of Three
This class will benefit you in the following ways:
-You will have fun!
-You will learn skills that will directly transfer to your life right now and beyond!

-You will have an opportunity to shadow someone in a career/job that interests you!
-Your points of view will be challenged in a way that makes you stronger.
Please keep me in the loop when it comes to issues in your life that will help me to better understand your progress!
I care about you. You are a unique and special person, not just a student taking up space!
So let's have a FUN and meaningful semester!
One last thought...
WHO you are matters! You are not just a student taking up space in the room!
How you treat others is a reflection of who you are!
This component is crucial to a successful experience in this class!
This will be an important factor for you to consider throughout the year. Many of the future benefits are based on your ability to earn a B or higher in this class!
of the
Careers in Education curriculum
The Learner
You will understand yourself and others
in your role as
learner, leader,
community member.
Standard 1:
Standard 5:
Standard 4:
Standard 3:
Standard 2:
Standard 6:
Standard 7:
You will identify
developmental characteristics
school age learners.
You will recognize and respect
all learners in our classrooms
and society.
You will examine the
historical and current issues
affecting education.
You will examine the
teacher's role with parents,
colleagues, and community
You will apply your
knowledge by observing,
assisting, and interning
in a classroom or
educational setting.
You will clarify your career goals.
The Learner
The Learner
The Learner
The School
Effective Teaching
Effective Teaching
Professional Development
First semester course work includes studying child development, how we learn, and how best to supervise, work with, have fun with, and teach kids!
*Lab work at Valley View will include Mondays with Ms. Martone's KG class, Fridays with Ms. Selzler's 1st grade class, and Wednesdays observing in classrooms 2nd-5th grade and P.E./Music on a rotation basis.
February - June
Second semester course work includes continued study of working with children, best teaching practices, the history of education, and lesson plan development/presentation.
*Continued lab work at Valley View.
End of the school year and time for summer!
Completion of the full year Teaching Academy can take the place of the 40 hours of pre-admission observation experience required prior to enrolling in the EFC 210 2 credit Seminar class at C.W.U.
(the first class in the Teacher prep program).
Completion of the full year Teaching Academy can replace the 60 hour EFC 330 Field Experience required of all ED students prior to student teaching.
Articulation agreements with State Colleges and Universities:

Completion of the full year academy links with schools of higher education throughout Washington. You can earn credit or requirement waivers that document your work above standard high school achievement.
In addition to articulation with C.W.U. you can earn waivers replacing some requirements at Washington State University, Yakima Valley Community College, and Walla Walla Community College.
However, articulation may not be limited to just the above schools. You are encouraged to advocate for yourself and present your portfolio to any university upon applying for entrance to the school of education!!
You must receive a B or better to be eligible for college credit waiver/articulation! You are expected to complete a portfolio by the end of the year (or by the end of the Academy completion) that proves you are ready to enter a teacher certification program. You will collect entries and artifacts for your portfolio during the entire course that document all 42 Teaching Academy competencies.
If you plan on going to C.W.U.
Attendance is a vital component for success in this class. Most of the work/learning of this class cannot be effectively "made up." If make-up work is available it will only be offered if your absence was PRE-ARRANGED!!
It is very important to arrive to class on time.
You will lose 5 points every time you are tardy whether it is excused or not.
Excessive tardiness will result in detention and may lead to suspension from the teaching academy.
Observations and Field Work
(Lab time working with KG and 1st graders at Valley View as wel):
You will be expected to arrive on-time daily- especially on the days you are scheduled to go to V.V.
It is your responsibility to communicate with me when scheduling conflicts arise.
You are required to exhibit superior behavior. Being a role model is a serious responsibility.
Language must be positive and appropriate.
Your work ethic must model dependability, dedication, and good judgment.
Appropriate dress on "Buddy" days is
particularly important. This includes wearing your name tags at all times! (It is a required security measure).
ATTITUDE must be enthusiastic
and helpful!
When visiting another school, you must respect school rules, teacher's expectations, and the children!
Did I mention never ever ever ever use profanity? And don't be caught texting...
No hats may be worn in the classroom or when visiting schools.
Grooming must be clean and appropriate.
After 6 absences, you will have an automatic interview with me to determine if you can continue on in the academy. Each absence will result in a loss of attendance points. These points cannot be made up. You will not be penalized for school-related absences. (Sports, Clubs, Band, Music, etc.)
My teacher's contract with the school district provides for 12 paid days off for illness each year. You will be given the same courtesy. This will be broken down and split up per semester.
Central Washington University
Bachelor of Science
Washington State Regional Teacher of the Year Nominee
Ellensburg School District Teacher of the Year
Class of 1988
The Evergreen State College
Bachelor of Arts


You will also have a comprehensive and professional portfolio to share with admissions offices and potential employers. This will be impressive to all.
(Whether the job is in the area of education or not).
Additional Perks
In addition to the opportunity for post-secondary credit and program exemptions...
-You will have developed a great reputation with teachers in the district! This can lead to the opportunity for letters of recommendation and potential job opportunities.
The first step to success in this class is understanding my expectations of you. You also need to be willing to contribute positively to the class environment. And... you must LOVE working with kids!
Masters Degree
Teacher Leadership
Your 1st grade Buddy
And possible future students of yours!
Additional Tid Bits
-Unlike the other classes I teach this one will include homework expectations. I will do my best to build in-class work time but because of the new English credit opportunity there will be higher expectations for student work.

-Make up opportunities for labs are only available for school related and excused absences. You will only be allowed to make up 6 labs per semester. After that you will lose 20 points each time you are absent from a lab.
-There will be field days when you walk to Valley View and back on your own. I need to trust you as a group to follow the rules and expectations and represent EHS in a mature and responsible way!
Make a daily choice to contribute positively to this class!!
I don’t hold grudges. I forgive and forget. And the kind of student you have been for other teachers doesn’t factor in to my judgment of you!

You get to redefine yourself every time you walk through my door!

I plan on bringing my best self to this classroom every day and I hope you will do the same!

You come to me with a clean slate!
You are also eligible to earn English credit by taking this class! Make sure you have met with a counselor about they type of credit you need written on your transcript!
This is going to be a great year!
It's going to be
a great year!
EHS English Credit!
If you take this class your junior year along with Junior English you will only have to take .5 English credits your senior year.
If you take this class your senior year it can replace the entire year of Senior English!
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