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SNBL USA Travel and Expense Policy

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Bopha Tun

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of SNBL USA Travel and Expense Policy

SNBL USA Travel and Expense Policy Policy Purpose and Enforcement Scope Responsibility and Enforcement Expense Reporting Purpose It is SNBL USA's Policy to reimburse individuals for expenses related to the company business that are reasonable and consistent with company policy. The Employee is responsible for complying with this travel and expense policy. A SNBL USA expense report is required to be completed for ALL business expenses, regardless of the method of payment or need for reimbursement. Separate SNBL expense report forms must be submitted for Out-Of-Pocket expense requiring reimbursement and expenses paid by corporate credit card not requiring reimbursement. This Policy to provides guidelines and procedures for business purposes regarding travel and expense reimbursement. Objectives To Ensure all employees have a clear understanding of business, travel and entertainment expenses.
Provide Business Travelers with reasonable levels of comfort with lowest possible cost.
Maximize company's ability to negotiate discounted rates with preferred suppliers.
Satisfy external requirements pertaining to business related expenses. Reasonable expenses include...
Travel (examples: airfare, mileage, etc.)
Entertainment (examples: golf outing with customer, etc.)
Business expenses, directly related to/associated with company business. This policy applies to all SNBL USA Employees as well as consultants, vendors, etc. traveling on behalf of SNBL USA. The company assumes no obligation to reimburse for expenses that are not in compliance with this policy. It's your job to keep track of the cost, receipts, etc.
If you lose a receipt, it is up to manager/director decision whether or not to reimburse you. Travel Authorization All company business travel must be pre-approved Business Expenses must:
Be reasonable and appropriate.
Be directly related, to or associated with the active conduct of the company's business.
Not be lavish or extravagant. Approved Travel Authorization request forms should be submitted to a designated travel planner prior to travel arrangements being made. The company will not reimburse travel related expenses incurred by spouse or other individual who is not an employee unless for an approved business purpose. Travel Advance Requests Approved requests for a travel advance should be submitted to the Accounting department at least 7 days prior to needing a check.

It is suggested that employees not carry large amounts of cash while traveling. Travel Advance Repayments The traveler is responsible for the full amount of travel advance.

Advances must be returned to the company within 7 days of completing required expense report.

The amount may be deducted from paycheck. In case of termination of employment, the amount will be deducted from final paycheck. Travel Arrangements Foreign Currency Services The company will reimburse the cost of exchanging money to and from foreign currency for business travel. SNBL USA will not accept foreign currency from an employee as payment for any expenses. Reservations, visas, route changes and traveling preferences should be discussed with the in-house travel planners (Karen Ryner) beforehand. Hotel reservations should be made by the company's designated travel planners ( Karen Ryner). The planner will either book reservations directly or will coordinate arrangements with the company's travel agency. Reservations made directly by the traveler may not be reimbursed. Rental Car Guidelines Personal with Business Travel Meals and Entertainment Personal meals are defined as meal expenses incurred by the travel when dining alone on an out-of-town business trip. Payment Methods Corporate Charge Card & Payment Responsibility Lodging Making Hotel Reservations Travelers are entitled to stay in a single room with a private bath except as otherwise specified by the company for group and meeting travel. Hotel Spending Guidelines Travelers will be reimbursed for actual and reasonable hotel room cost.
Expenses above this limit may not be reimbursed if not approved beforehand.

Department Director & Above - $250/night + tax
Manager & Staff - $150/night + tax Travelers may rent a car at their destination when:
It's less expensive than other transportation methods (taxis, airport limousines, airport shuttles).
Entertaining customers. At the time of rental, the car should be inspected and any damage found should be noted on the contract before the vehicle is accepted. Combining Personal with Business Travel The Company will NOT pay for personal vacation expenses.

This includes:
Additional hotel/rental car charges
Sightseeing .
Bus tours.
Personal expenses, movies, health club fees and rentals. Personal/Vacation travel billing should NOT be combined with business travel billing.
Please clearly indicate the combined billings submitted for reimbursement. When using personal cellular phones for business, employees will be reimbursed for telephone usage charges and monthly access charges (approved on a case by case and basis). Travelers are not allowed to use air phones at any time due to the high cost. Travelers may be reimbursed for personal car usage on a fixed scale per mile. The reimbursement rate will be based on most current IRS published rate. General Tips and Guidelines of Business Travel PTO may be combined with business travel as long as there is no additional cost to the company other than actual business related expenses.
Personal/Vacation travel billing expenses should not be combined with business travel billing and should be clearly noted. Travelers may be reimbursed for:
$55/Day (Manager & General Staff)
$80/Day (Department Directors & Above) Employees will be reimbursed for business-related meals taken with other employees only in one or more of the following circumstances:
When a client is present.
When at least one company employee is from out of town.
When, for confidentiality reasons, business must be conducted off company premises.
When authorized by employee manager for testimonial, reward recognition or other appropriate business purpose. Meal costs for social occasions, such as employee birthdays, Secretary's day, etc. are not classified as business meals or entertainment expenses and will not be reimbursed. Please label on Expense Report:
Names of individuals present.
Name & Location of Meal.
Exact Amount & Date.
Specific business topic discussed. Monthly Credit Card statements are sent directly to the company for payment of business related charges. The employee must file an expense reports to substantiate these charges. If this is not done within 5 business days of the first week of each month, the employee will lose the use of the credit card until compliance. Approval & Authorization Expense reports are to be completed on a weekly basis approved by your supervisor or department manager and forwarded to A/P. Expense Reports . Approved expense reports should be forwarded to the Accounting Department for auditing and processing.
. Expense reports that are incomplete or require additional information will be returned to the appropriate employee for correction and/or adjustment.
. Generally speaking, if the Accounting Department receives the approved expense report by the end of business on Tuesday, a reimbursement check will be handed to you by Friday afternoon of the same week. . Each employee expense report will be reviewed by the Accounting Department for:
Approval Signatures.
Business Purpose.
Correct Totals.
Supporting documentation and original receipts*.
Policy Compliance. *
*Should be done by approver. Company Policy requires receipts for ALL expenditures Expense Reports (Cont.) Documentation Requirements Names of individuals present, titles and company name.
Name and location of where the meal or event took place.
Exact amount and date of the expense
Business Purpose Travelers must submit the following documentation along with their expense report form:
Air/Rail - Original Passenger Coupon plus invoice/itinerary and charge/credit card receipt.
Hotel - hotel folio plus charge/credit card receipt.
Car Rental - Rental Car Agreement plus charge/credit card receipt.
Meals/Entertainment - itemized credit card receipt or cash register receipt (no restaurant tear tabs)
Receipts for all miscellaneous expenses. Expense reports that are incorrect or incomplete may result in delay and may become the personal responsibility of the employee. Other Non-Reimbursable Expenses Employees will NOT be reimbursed for the following misc. expenses:
Expenses related to vacation or personal days while on a business trip
Purchases of luggage, briefcases, etc.
Movies (including in-flight and hotel in-house movies)
Books, magazines, etc.
"No show" charges for hotel or car service.
Personal entertainment.
Excessive personal telephone calls.
Dry cleaning (travel less than 5 consecutive days).
Theft or loss of personal property.
Doctor's bills, prescriptions or other services.
Toiletries including over the counter medications.
Parking/traffic tickets/car-towing if illegally parked.
Health club memberships.
Baby sitter or pet care fees.
Airline or travel insurance.
Airline or travel lounge clubs.
Gas for business use of personal vehicle (mileage may be reimbursed).
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